Wednesday, 8 October 2008


B-L-U-S-H!!! BLUSH!!! Our interview via email by Madam Salve Duplito was published at The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Section, Monday Edition, 10/06/2008: Here's the article: Business - Money tales from OFWs -

Reyna Elena(photo above...yep that's her with out her crown hehehe)informed us that it is also posted here: Salve Duplito of Money Smarts.

Many thanks to Ma'am Salve for featuring us and Reynz for the link.


Tina of MyGoodFinds

Hi Lovelyn,
Wow galing! I read the interview. This financial crunch is affecting everyone globally unlike what others believe as an American financial meltdown. I hope it works out that you will be able to vacation in the Philippines.

reyna elena

Eekkkkk! nabisto ang scam koooo!!! waaaa!!!! wala na akong mai-iscammmmm!!! waaaa!!!


Ciao Tina,

Thanks. Yeah, we hope so too. We'll see, we might push through but not on December(peak season for the airlines = expensive plane tickets).

Ciao Reynz,

Wizzz, marami pa nu. Ikaw pa, laging mabango hahaha!!!

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