Monday, 20 October 2008


We went to my cousin Susan's place last Sunday (not this recent Sunday) to commemorate his brother SONY'S first death anniversary. Friends and relatives came to pray the rosary with us. Then we had a delightful lunch prepared by Myrma and Ate Norms that will make you slouch back and wait for that relieving 'dighay'(burp).

Later that day, they all proceeded to the church and attended the mass for our departed cousin. Dylan was having his afternoon nap so we stayed and waited for him to wake up. We'll just lock Auntie Susan's house when we'll be heading home.

To fill time while my son is dozing, Boogs and I were singing with their Karaoke and Lukie was resting on her auntie Susan's couch. Then Dylan woke up and had his merienda. Bored perhaps, he was crying for the door and wants to go home. My three boys then went and waited for me outside while I fix my cousin's house a bit.

I straightened the sofa's cover, threw our mess and wash the spoons and cups we used. I was about to go out when I remembered the stereo. Though I knew Boogs had switched it off, I went to check anyway.

It was still on. I pressed the "Power" button but lights were still orange and CD, Radio, multi system etc... were appearing on it's little screen. Maybe I pressed it too hard so I waited for 5 minutes and switched it off again. Nothing happened. I did the same, waited and pressed for about 3 times more.

Then I got scared. Goosebumps, I had! Then I spoke, "Sony, I'm sorry. I have to go and your stereo stays ON. I don't know how to switch it OFF, okey?"..... Spooky... of course no one answered

I asked my husband who was waiting with the kids if he had put off the stereo and he said YES. Scaredy cat I am, the more I become.

Before going to bed, I phoned up my cousin Susan and asked her about the stereo......... and she said, "you have to pull the plug".

Yeah, now I know, pressing the power button won't do the trick, "I have to pull the plug"! Myrma was right, "Hwag matakot sa taong patay, mas nakakatakot ang taong buhay".



well if it was the radio you should have written the numbers of the station. That might be the winning lotto message hehehe


i almost skipped reading this page, hehe


Ciao Russel,

Why did I not think of that! Ala, ayaw talaga ng tadhana na ako'y maging millionaire hahaha!!!

Ciao Raq,

How are you na? Hope all's well with you and the kids.


Winning the BIG ONE equates to death. If it's your time, then it must be time, hehe.....

Post it here should you win. I'll then give you my bank account number and load it up. It's empty! Cheers!


Most Filipinos tend to believe the white lady exists and all sorts of ghosts imaginable.

This one makes me think twice: The night before driving to San Diego Ca two years ago to attend FilAm Baguio party, was alone downstairs when the TV just came on loudly. Yelled at my wife "hey your mom is here!" My wife's mom's death anniversary was same date as the party and we intended to visit her grave, but; was she trying to remind us to visit her??

The spooky part was that; the TV doesn't just come ON. Two remotes must be pressed seconds apart for TV and hometheatre systems to activate. Unexplained? Didn't really know what to make of it.


Ciao TruBlue,

Not a chance, I will never win. I'll be writing why it is so, soon. But in case I will, we will personally visit you and ask for that account number... What a "bloggable moment" would that be hehehe...

Halloween mood. That was really spooky. Made me laugh though when you "shouted" it to TP.

They're just around. I bet many of us have unexplainable stories to tell. Yet, being regarded loony sometimes brashes it off.



Well, that is what my mom always tell me when I was younger.

Plus she would also tell me not to be shy around other people because all our p.o.o.p.s. smell bad :D

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