Wednesday, 1 October 2008


When Lukie was in Kindergarten, they always draw grapes during this month. Now that he is already in Grade I, they're still doing it. My son already knew it by heart that this is 'Fruta d' autunno' (autumn fruit). I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't give the students a break from grapes next year.

Boogie said, if in Baguio sayote grows abundantly, 'uva'(grapes) would be it's counterpart in Italy. I understood upon going through some sites why Italians are so passionate about this sayote...eerrr I mean this fruit. I also found out from what variety of grapes Lambrusco and Cabernet Sauvignon are made of.

Italy is the largest producer of wines in the world. It is also the largest wine exporter...continue reading here: Italian regions

I didn't know that there are Italian Grape Varieties for specific wines. Pictures are also shown on the link.


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