Sunday, 5 October 2008


Cold season comes with explosive sneeze, nagging cough, productive or jammed nose and a bang on the head. Sounds like war to me hehehe... Just keeping it light for someone who's nursing 3 boys here.

Lukie who is turning seven 3 months from now, used to dread us the season of winter. It starts with a Croup on Autumn and following months would be constant visits to his pediatrician for upper respiratory tract infections.

Parents for the fist time, its an agony to see your child who can't eat, weak and crying in pain. You'd wish on earth you'll have his fevers, chills, vomiting etc... Then comes spring, my eldest would end "sick season" with another attack of Croup.

Thankfully, two weeks ago when the temperature here started to drop, Lukie only had common colds which is fading now. Its no longer with the usual high fever and croup. True, immune system grows strong as the child ages.

Dylan on the other hand, in "succession", the little brother he is, had his first attack of Croup the other night. Sounding like a dog barking when he coughs, had a temp of 38°C yesterday. At least this morning he ate breakfast and drunk the fresh orange juice I squeezed. Unlike yesterday he vomits everything he takes in.

They're both fine, I suppose. As I am writing this, the brothers are watching Teletubbies while playing with their toys and bugging each other.

My third patient, makes me wilt in pity every time he shrills when he whoops out that phlegm. Poor Boogs on bed right now... sleeping. He is with a flu and before I started on this post, I fixed him the Nebulizer after his tea and lemon. I've learn from him that he too was prone to Respiratory infections when he was a kid.

So there, pretty much like going to the battle field and fighting viruses and bacterias 'dopo d'estate' (after the summer)......with which I should stop punching these keys and go start making the "power soup".

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you said it! sometimes it's warm, sometimes it's cold, no wonder the body cant take it. take care!


oh poor babies... i pray that everyone will feel better soon, and that their mom stay healthy and strong for them. :) God bless...


Wow Manang, u r the slayer of viruses and bacterias; u r an anti-virus ehehehe...

As Ganda said, hope u stay healthy. The sick need u :) Wish I had some of that power soup, I feel drained :D

reyna elena


wala nang pigil ang pagsikat mo. super na ang pagiging bomba star mo! hahaha! kelangan mo na nang agent!

head over to this site at magpugay:



Hey, doctor mom! how are you keeping up with your patients? Hope they'll get better soon.

Take care!


Ciao Raq,

Kaya nga, mainit na naman nga ngayun e.

Ciao Ganda,

Thanks! The mom got the flu too but thank God she's up on her feet to take care of the boys. She thinks she's a super mom(last girl standing)when pain relievers did it for her hehehe...

Ciao Layad,

Weapon of mass destruction hahaha, more of...

Seriously, I wish I were... I mean, virus and 'bacti' slayer hehehe....

Ciao Reynz,

Kailangan ng magpa liposuction pag ganun. Agent? Remember, cutting expenses ngayun kaya ikaw na lang tapos libre ang "talent fee" ha?

Ciao Izma,

Thanks. We're all fine now except for the cough. Husband is on sick leave diagnosed with bronchitis and on meds. Hell go back to work on Saturday.

Just took Dylan to the Doctor and he has nothing, just laryngeal spasms daw triggering his cough.

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