Thursday, 9 October 2008


Adding to the growing list of my MUST CLICKS :

30.Miskina Ano na Isip by Will. A blogger whom I will always remember as someone who flew from California to the Philippines for his (Mis)Adventures in Romance.

31. Idiosyncrasies owned by a young freelance journalist, JM Agreda . He is from Bacolod but considers himself as an accultured Igorot. I clicked around his site and got what he meant.

32. My Blog is another cousin of mine who writes from Canada. Like her sister, Miss Buguias , we met thru 'friendsters'.

33. continues to educate us about the Igorots and you'll get the chance to tour Sagada with him here: BLOG of the SAGADA IGOROT.

I also updated
Hannah's link and included her other blogsites:
» Hannah's Web,and » An Anthology of Diversions.

See you around blog-mates!



Thanks for the link. Glad you liked my blog post. :)


Ciao Will,

You're very much welcome! I should have done it ages ago.

Any thing about 'McLovin', always a good read for me ;)

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