Sunday, 26 October 2008


Last Thursday, these winning numbers, 7-20-21-74-75-81, made someone a millionaire in Catania Italy, one of the poorest cities in the country.... continue reading: World's Largest Lottery Winner.

I'm deeply touched and humbled while I laughed reading the many emails I received from friends and readers rooting for me to win the lottery. What a cheering squad! I can't thank you more than enough. I may have not won the big-bucks but you made me a winner already.

Here are some reasons why I will NEVER win the lotto.

1. I will immediately have a liposuction to flatten the evidence of my two pregnancies.

2. While I'm at it, I'll make the most of my "corrective surgery". I'll let them chisel my calves, these "wrath of the Igorot tribe"(as described by Russel) will give no trace of the many walkings I did in Babatan (my Dad's farm).

3. I'm not still contented , I'll make my nose perfect and yeah, I'll say bye -bye too to my 'mala' Popeye arms.

4. I can afford 'yayas' to take care of my kids now. Might spend less time with them anymore because managing my money would be that consuming. Less photos such as this.

5. My hair will be "confused" hahaha because I will always go to the beauty parlor and let them do re-band, hair spa, hair dye etc..etc..

6. Long days away with husband if he goes to shoot Mt. Everest. I can't leave the kids that long so I'll have to stay.

7. Many of my relatives will hate me because they'll think I owe them a part of my instant fortune.

8. It will be a problem where to keep and invest the money. Add the kidnappers and other life threatening scenarios endangering my family.

9. Paparazzis too... they will make me conscious with what I wear, how I walk and oh men, I need to put on make up like its my responsibility to look good.

10. I'll miss having dinner with my kids because husband and I can afford to dine out or go for a date every night.

11. My blog would always write about: I bought this, these and that. I have this, these and those. I own that and that.

12. It would be hard to choose which car I'll drive for the day. Ferrari, Porsche or my Lambo?

13. Jet lag from my flight to meet TruBlue in Vegas, Hannah, Ely and Vanessa in Cali. Miss Buguias and Miss Velasco in Arizona. Jen in Illinoi. Angie, Beng, Ma, Russel and Nikki in New York. Janice, Flynn, Abbob and Lola Cora in Canada. Lala and Jeff in UK. SagadaBlogger, Ma'am Marilyn, Mayla, Mildred and Roda in Australia. Reyna Elena when he relocates to Chicago. Tina in Maryland. Kath and Marco in Spain. Abby and Layad in Singapore. Arlene and Wilson in Japan. Raqgold in Germany. Analyse in France. Marj in Austria. And of course Jane in Taiwan.

14. I will hurt those I failed to mention above.

15. The list goes on but one thing is for sure, I will never be the same again....e.g. No more obsessive-compulsive picture taking for the many passing seasons of my boys.

16. P.S. How can I not include this... I will never win because I don't usually buy lotto tickets.



for a person who lost the lotto your seem pretty hyper. Imagine if you did win. Balato ha, magastos pumunta dito. Western onion nalang


Nice pics of the boys and background seems like it's also fall in Venice.

I'm sure one of the very first things the "winner" will say is: God was always on his/her side, hehe...

We don't have a lotto here, although there is some numbers game which resembles lotto and not too many people are playing. Most travel to California or the closest border to buy their dreams.

Agree there are more sinister things that huge instant euros will bring than goodness - so long as we are all happy in cyberspace, it's one that matters most.

Maybe the next winner is you. But play responsibly. Cheers!


Lovelyn, I didn't realize you're so vain. The first things you would have done had you won are all makeovers!

Oh well, I guess Baguio City won't have a new owner. I'm kinda tired of UB owning the City of Pines...

Tip lang, apply ka sa blogherads, hindi sa blogher, ha, at meron kaunting kita para sa mga kikay na katulad mo. Serioso ito.


And also, since you are blogging at Blogger, might as well apply for the adsense program. Google owns Blogger, so it's easy to get accepted as a publisher.

It's not like winning the lotto, but it could help in the parlor expenses.


ako i wont win coz i dont make taya, hehe. coz my papa in law promised me i would get 50% of his win kapag nanalo sya so since he makes taya regularly, antay na lang ako ng biyaya :)


Ciao Russel,

Hahaha hyper... another reason why I will never win. Don't worry, since got so many relatives there, I'll still visit aside from the 'balato'.

Ciao TruBlue,

Thanks but that will never happen, note on the 16th reason... I don't really buy tickets that often.

Yes, its fall(autunno) here. During this season, its a treat if the sky is blue. As of now its humid, high tide and raining heavily.

Exactly, just by thinking how the amount will change your life, its foreboding already.

Count me in, as long as we're all happy here, I'll be fine with out millions.

Ciao Lisa,

That's what I want to point out. As TruBlue have said, there would be more "adverse effect" in winning that instant fortune. Vanity would surely be one of them.

Should have included that too on why I will never win. Owning Baguio City would be worst than a terrible headache. Add the wrinkles it would bring hahaha...

Thanks for the advise about the Adsense, I'll try it soon. Might really send me for the first time in a beauty parlor here.

Ciao Raq,

Pareho lang tayo di rin ako palabili. PAg manalo na lang din si Mister, kasama na rin ako dun hehehe...

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