Wednesday, 29 October 2008


While having dinner, Lukie blurted out, "Halloween è festa d' Americani(Halloween is an American festivity), not ours! Maestra Elisabetta told us this morning". Then he gave me that look of "let's not make a fuss out of the day".

For my eldest, what ever the teacher said, its indisputable, specially if it came from his English teacher, Maestra Elisabetta. It would also be convincing as my son could see that in the whole neighborhood, only our home has flashing orange decors outside.

Its quite confusing though for the kids because in their art class they made Halloween adornments. Their math teacher too gave them paper pumpkins she made them paste on the 4th page of their notebook. So is their Science teacher who gave another pumpkin design who made them do the same.

I don't know what to make of their English teacher, she may be right but to me that's stripping off the magic of fun. I was thinking, "What's next, Santa is dead?"...


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