Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Here's what's slowing our blogging lately (aside from redecorating, rearranging and turning the house up side down for the winter mood). Its watching the America Votes 2008 update like Sen Obama is going to replace Berlusconi hehehee...

Test check. You can actually embed CNN Videos now. Cool 'aight'? Politicking or not,IMHO, Collin Powell's statement is the view and voice of a true "intelligent" voter.



I practice pragmatism having been schooled in one. Powell is also pragmatic maybe his entire life. It pains him a lot to have been used and deceived about the Iraq War. Great endorsement, hope it stands. Cheers!


Ciao TruBlue,

If only all of us practice pragmatism, what a better world this would be.

Just a scary thought - Would there be a big possibility that cheating will make McCain win?


Cheating is ever present in politics but at least, not as perverse as our homeland. GWB's 2000 win in Florida was suspect coz Gore was proclaimed the winner but it turned out otherwise. Younger brod was the Governor and Florida's secretary of state was their comrade in crime.

Obama's lead in swing states must be in the +5 percentage to erase doubts of the elections legitimacy.
Same thing can be said of McShame.
And none of that scenario in 2004 where Obama will be declared a winner in one key state, then proclaim McRage the winner.

Don't believe this ACORN bs these pro-McShame are spreading. I've been on Ellen Tordesillas and Cocoy's Delight blogs defending Obama on this issue. Discussions becomes intense at times but mostly we are all having fun, just DIFFERENT MINDS functioning. Take a peek and put in your two cents on Cocoy's but not ET (she gave us passwords to log in)

Two white supremacists were arrested today for their roles in an attempt to assassinate Obama. Am sure there are more of them lurking somewhere where he Obama makes his speeches. Just plain ol' bigots and losers.

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