Tuesday, 21 October 2008

JackPot 100.000.000

Italy's SuperEnalotto, a world record for the highest Jackpot prize in the history of lottery. Its making everyone here dream of that lavish living a 100,000,000 euros could bring. That is 6 billion in Philippine peso or 128m in $$$. WOW! If I win, it would mean leaving Italy and staying in Baguio for good.

"Agtaya ka pay sakan tu mangarap!"
Buy a ticket first before you go daydreaming), my husband tells me and I readily snap out my 'muni-muni'.

SuperEnalotto is a combination of 6 winning numbers from 1 to 90. The Pot price was not won since April this year. It is drawn three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Its creating a big BUZZ here from TV to news papers and also being featured in other countries. Watch this BBC VIDEO.

According to this article - Bid to end Italy's lotto fever -(JackPot price on this article is updated on my entry title)

"the odds of winning the pot money is 600m to 1"...

"last weekend alone, 100m worth of tickets were purchased"...

"record jackpot has created a very dangerous betting fever with many recorded cases of people spending their life savings"....

"Italian government earns an estimated $1bn annually from lottery proceeds"....

"Codacons, the Italian consumer right's group, has filed a lawsuit demanding that the money should be seized because, it says, it is too high"....

Its hypocrite to say that I've got nothing against those who makes it their "career" to win the big prize. Going to the 'Biglietteria' with portfolios and would take most of the cashier's time to run their tickets on the betting machine. People spending 50 to 100 euros(or more) for one draw. Its their money, their life... I agree! But, that's way too expensive for investing with mere luck.

Sour-graping as it may sound, how they draw it is quite ridiculous to me. From a container with the 90 numbers written on small balls, a machine sucks every winning number. All bets are managed by computers. Beat that and consider the odds of winning which is 600m is to 1! Huh?

, what if 'Anitos'(spirit of the ancestors for the Igorots) will confirm it with God that a person from Tublay nesting in Venice will make history and win that amount? A 1 euro ticket would be enough. Dream on Lovelyn hahaha!



Hi Lovelyn,

I am rooting for your, praying you would win, and you can, not only retire in Baguio, you can actually buy the City of Pines!



Hi Lisa,

Thanks. Maybe that is why I will never win, Baguio doesn't want me around hahaha...

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