Friday, 28 November 2008


Teacher Julie of GreenBucks asked her 26th question:
What are the special things that you look forward to every Sunday?

Almost like everybody else, Sunday for us should start with sleeping in. Getting up when everyone's fed up lying down.

When we put up the 'taparello'(blinds)and the kids hide under the quilt, like little Draculas, afraid of the glaring Sun.

Its Papa's day off so it must be a lazy day. We're the couch family watching DVDs or just joining the kids in watching their cartoon films or shows.

If we will not go out, Its fried chicken day for Lukie. If its summer, its Barbecue day.

Most of time its having lunch at any Pinoy homes or wherever a friend or relative holds his/her party. If you will not go, your phone won't stop ringing and they will even send off people to get you.

Its also a day being with my 3 sisters as we eat, talk and eat and eat hehehe... On Monday, makes me wonder how easy it is to store 2.2 pounds.

Gift-Giving is for the 27th question:

What kinds of gifts do you give to your loved ones during Christmas? How do you choose what to give?

I prefer giving gifts that will make people warm specially so that its winter and its really cold here. I love giving out wool sweaters(cashmere 'sana' but its too expensive).

For my husband, whatever he needs (as long as I can afford it) but I make sure it will really-really surprise him.

One of Dylan's "must have" this Christmas is a toy computer. We hope it will help him quit "working" on our PC which he had already broken it's power button.

For Lukie, since he knows how to write, he makes his list and leaves it for Santa to do the magic. Last week, I told him to get a whole piece of bond paper and scribble down what he wants for Christmas. He came back with a 1/4 sheet, the small piece I tore for my grocery list.

Mama: Why.... that's too small honey! Get a whole page!

Lukie: No! Its too big for me to fill it all up!

Mama: Don't you want a lot of presents?

Lukie: Yes but... Its hard to think. 'Abiamo tutto'(We have it all)!

Cartoon credit: CSL CartoonStock



dont we have lovely kids? he is right, you've got it all -- a great family!


Aw,that is so sweet of you and your son about the gifts.

Sunday is really a family day we look forward to.

Kakatuwa naman re others sending people over to get you, those gatherings must be fun, especially when spent with friends :)

My apologies, your links haven't been coming in, I don't know why. ts you and another blogger's link (from here in QC too) that my spam catcher is somehow not taken a liking with. Grrr...

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