Friday, 10 July 2009


Let me just talk randomly as I can't organize my thoughts lately. This is probably my hundredth attempt to start writing again. You know that thing in the movies when a character had a trauma and would soon struggle to conquer whatever fears he had from it? Like he was drowned, lived and tries to swim again. Well, I'm having them right now (I guess). Except that I don't know what I'm afraid of or was there any fear at all to start with hehehe...

After being robbed with euros in our attempt to salvage our old PC, we ended up with a laptop. But, that was after keeping my impassivity with the pleasures of technology. Then had later made me hate, just by thinking, that computer had become a necessity in our home. The four of us, including our two year old son, are becoming "net junkies".

Not that I'm enumerating my excuses for not logging in but I'm afraid, I'm feeling the "signs" of aging now. 3 weeks ago, I was looking at my hand from a distance of 10 inches, it was blurred or cloudy and I have to squint to keep my eyes open with out hurting them. Then I went to get a book and tried to read the words with the same distance and I can't really see the letters clearly. But if I put the book further or a foot away, I'm able to read the letters well.

I cried, as usual, and pictured how my Dad is trying to figure out the Headline on his newspaper while waiting for his reading glasses to be handed to him. Then I remembered my Lola Meding when she used to tell me not to read when the lights are dim. So is her back slapping as she tries to correct my posture.

Speaking of eyes, mine are, as of now, racing to bed leaving me to finally punch "post" for this piece.

Meanwhile, find time to watch this short movie below and hope to see you again tomorrow.

Ooops one more thing, let me say my apologies to those who keep on coming back to check on this site and find nothing. I hope I'll start updating regularly(pray for me hehehe...).



It looks like you have the opposite of my eye problems, my close vision is still very good but my far sight is kinda weak.It all started about 7 years ago when road signs and patient boards seemed to get blurry and blurry. I visited the eye doctor who prescribed a pair of glasses.For about 5 years I was in the stage of denial, using them only once in a while.But a year ago,it came to the point that I cannot function normally without it.I had to choose between my glasses vs. headaches and dizziness.Another visit to the doctor proved that I was a candidate for a Lasik treatment, so i went for it... for now ,goodbye glasses! Sometime, hopefully not in the near future, if my near sight fails just like you are experiencing now, I will be needing a reading glass eventually! Don't despair kabsat, ugalin ti bumakbaket ,hu hu hu hu!

Jane 101

hi lovelyn. it's nice to hear from you. :)


Ciao Insan,

Imbag man ta the treatment went well for you, at least adi...

Was over the despair thing already hehehe. Be going to my GP on Monday for a certificate that I need to see an Ophthalmologist. Silly process when you can directly make an appointment with the eye doctor. Tak-tak ngay...


Ciao Jane,

Thanks and nice to hear from you too ('blogly' speaking cause we always hear from each other at FB hehehe)...


are you having anxiety attacks? maybe a good OCD will come out of this. I got bad eyesight too but too stubborn to get glasses. Glasses only makes it worst. Give it a week or a month and it should adjust and fix itself hopefully.

Hey feel free to contact me if somethings wrong with the computer. 99 percent of the time its software related thats why its slowing down. Nothing wrong with the computer itself. You just have to delete and reinstall....

im a little hurt


Ciao Rubba,

Maybe yes, I really don't know...mas mahirap yun no? pag di mo alam hahaha..

I hope so too that it would pass... don't want to wear glasses.

Ayaw mag ON nung lumang computer at first. Pinalitan nila yung body/Case nya. Tapos sabi ok na and in-upgrade daw nya which is another bayad. Ala pang 1 week, sira na naman. Thanks for the offer of help... We'll remember that.

Why are you hurting?


am hurting because you guys didnt ask me first whats wrong with the comp. It could be a number of things but i can probably diagnose it. Most likely the power supply is dead but since you went outside to get it fixed their probably just pulling your leg.

The last thing you change is the case. OMG that is such a bodega solution. I can understand if they want to change the motherboard but the case?? CMON!!! thats a scam. never sent it out because they take advantage of you, malay mo pinalitan nila yun parts hindi nyo alam. ayayayy!!!


Ay wen enya, We should have asked you!

Even the mother board pala was changed but you're right, oogs said they probably change most of the parts, its of another brand na yung iba. Ayaw ngang mag on ulit. If you switch it on, only the fan you can hear tapos its all black, okey naman yung monitor kasi we.
tried it with the new computer.


If you dont hear any beeps its PROBABLY the power supply, Its a black box where you plug in that wire that goes to your wall outlet. Hard to diagnose anything if you dont have spare parts to try on. Eh find someone you can trust. Good luck

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