Saturday, 18 July 2009


If this blog has a mind of it's own, it had already confronted me - big time! How could I have missed it's second year of "absorbing" my everything - from my joys to pains, my doltishness to make believes. A good listener too, regardless of how nauseous and repetitious all the malady of discontent I threw in.

Just like any other person whom we always take for granted. People we give less care, as to how they feel, because we're always confident they'll always be there(sounds like a song hehehe). Sometimes we forget they'd be the first person or the only one at that, who'll hold our hand when those dying breath are.... HEY, CUT "ME" OFF, WILL 'YA! All I was suppose to write is I missed this blog's SECOND YEAR ANNIVERSARY(Geeezzwizzz) .

I happened to be reading my old posts and came across this page:
FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY dated June 16 of 2008. It doesn't call for a celebration, I may say, but it should have. It had helped me, in a way, to stay sane even though laughing at yourself is not sane at all hahaha...

I'm sorry my BLOG. Belated 2nd year of "attempting to recount"...


jane 101

happy 2nd anniversary lovelyn and your blog. more years of blogging dearie. we're always around here :)


Happy birthday, Lovelyn's blog! :) Congratulations, dear Lovelyn. Looks like a global toast is in order. :D I'm wearing my party hat for you! Cheers!


Thanks Jane,

That's so nice of you to say. I hope so too, more years to come for blogging...

Ciao Hannah,

Cheers indeed! If only everyone's in for that toast hehehe... Maybe on the 10th anniv, we'll "really" make it a big celebration(if we're still blogging by then and I will not forget the date lols). And oh, party hat will be a must...

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