Monday, 16 June 2008


Gracing My First was written a year ago. Means "A Raconteur's Attempt" may actually exist and tomorrow starts the pursuit(lol) of it's Biennial anniversary.

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Its becoming a cliche when you're getting older to say, "time really flies so fast". Add another banality of - "Seems it was just yesterday" and you really are piling that age. No worries there, you can always say, "wisdom is gained, regardless... hahaha".

Its now safe to say that 365 days "flew so fast" and "seems it was just yesterday" when I was engrossed on what blog title, template and font I shall keep. I could still feel that sense of "I am just another blogger" which is now "vindicated" with: writing and talking to myself is fulfilling specially when I talk about the people and things I love.

With in my first year of blogging, it got me convinced that the first person: I, me and myself - is phasing out the old book of narcism. It gave a new definition to "talking about your self" and had become an effect of "technology enhancement". To say otherwise is to be left behind.

There was an attempt for this page to gain profit but I chickened out when I was to write about jeans I never wore or advertise movies I don't really want to watch. Its also time consuming to work out on maintaining your rank and requires blog hopping which for the moment is impossible when a toddler consumes most of your time.

Sexy Myspace Comments

Before I go far and lost track of why I am writing this... and all I was suppose to say is THANK YOU... I'm very grateful to all the readers who keep on coming back although you read the same words, same people and my same silly thoughts. Till the next anniversary when we will again say, "time flies so fast" and "seems it was just yesterday".



Remembered you from your first comment in Bill's blog. Just like throwing away my watch from the window "time really flies" fast, hehe......

Great to know your conviction is in lined to mine regarding endorsements of things. For me, it's nauseating to see Tiger Woods, for example, gets paid millions of $$ to say a 30 second piece of soundbites about Buick vehicles. He doesn't own one. Granted they gave him one every year, he donates them to charity.
But why buy one because TW endorses it? It's mesmerizing.
The least I could do for friends and relatives is, if it causes cancer or bad for your health, refrain from such, after all, it's a free advertisement from me.

Happy anniversary to your blog and keep it up. It's one of the best!
Cheers and goodhealth.


Ciao TruBlue,

Thanks for the kind words!

Advertising is crazy sometimes but I think those who are easily "swiped in" with "advertising effect" are crazier hehehe...

Was trying to remember my first comment at Bill's hhmmnnnn.


Happy Anniversary, Lovelyn! :)

You should remove "Attempt" from your blog title now. You're no longer attempting. You're a real writer now and a damn good one, too!



WOW! Congratulations on your blog's first anniv. I hope I can reach the same milestone =)

'Til the next anniversary! Cheers!


Ciao Hannah,

Well, that is for the disclaimers' benefit. A self imposed raconteur is safe when its all the while considered as an "attempt" hehehe.

Thanks for the comment, i fefeel ko yan hahaha...

Ciao Izma,

Hay naku, yes you will. Not just one but more.

Lets write to express ourselves. It doesn't matter if there are people reading it. Basta at the end of every entry, it lifts a load or had somehow "extracted" something out of us...oh di vah?
Magulo ata yung sinabi ko ah hehehe

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