Saturday, 14 June 2008


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To Lukie and Daylan's Papa, you really are a father now. How to spend father's day? Hmmmnnn...a whole day fathering around, tell Mama to have the day's off. That would be fun...for the Mama, that is. Hehehe...

Seriously, Papa dude is a better parent than me. Aside from "his genes"( the Dac's side), he helps my kids in developing their intelligence.

With Lukie, it was Boogie who was patient in teaching him how to read starting at the age of two. I for one thought, they'll learn those stuff when they're ready but when Lukie was able to read well at the age of 4, I was impressed and submitted to my husband's "fathering skills".

While for Dylan - we have this toy cups of different sizes that when put on top of the the other, it becomes a tower. Boogie would always gather them when each piece will be scattered all over the house. One in the kitchen, another under the bed, some in the box and others elsewhere - you'll need to storm. All these just for Dylan to mess up again.

Playing with the kids? Again, Papa Dude does it well specially with the Play Station and PsP. Mama doesn't even know which is the left or the right. With the bike, Mama is scared and can't ride it with Dylan on the baby seat. She can't even race Lukie and it would always irritate his son whe she says, "Lukie, be careful!" or "Don't go fast, its dangerous!". Kill joy, that's what Mama is when it comes to "games for the boys".

Its Father's day so I'm bravely admitting all of these hahaha... On Monday, I might take it back(lol)....To you Boogs, CHEERS and "HORSE" always!... Palabok, Shanghai Lumpia and Hopiang Ube, I'll cook it for you! Oh my, I'm glad Father's Day is only once a year!


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