Thursday, 12 June 2008


Still toiling to regain my "normal state". I'm glad there are pictures to do the talking. It was a fun get away although the weather was playing on us, for a second it would rain then later the sun would prick us with it's heat. The kids loved their treat specially Lukie who keeps on saying, "Che bella vita!"(What a beautiful life).

Before we went into this trip, Lukie had been anticipating to ride the roller coaster they called "Mammut" at Gardaland. His Papa rode with him but Lukie got scared and cried after. He keeps on saying it was a mistake riding it. Lunch calmed him down and said he doesn't want to get into any rides anymore. We went to watch the Hollywood Dreams musical show and he forgot his 'Mammut' nightmare. Then we went to see the dolphins at PalaBlu and Festival On Ice.

Little Dylan had been a little adult even during the shows and the boat ride into the jungle. How he steals the attention of the crowd, I'll tell it more on my next post.



Beautiful pics as usual. I'm always in awe at how you and some bloggers tinker with your blogs - modify blog facade, put slideshows here and there, uproot videos from YouTube, etc...wish I can do those things...
That was a great few-days-get-away.
So, is that the Disney World of Italy? Looks interesting...
Don't normally say much about my whereabouts, but I will actually be in the good wilderness of Alaska next month. If Denali Park is closeby, I'll make the effort to see the place where Chris perished.
Cheers and Goodhealth to all.


enjoyed viewing your pics... a proof you all had a good time... Mayat dayta!


Aww, poor Luke!

Can't wait for your Dylan stories though. :-)

Looks really enjoyable!


Ciao Trublue,

Its only copy and pasting to come up with these blings and time(Guess it shows we have so much of it hehehe...) of course.

How I wish you have your own site. It would surely be a "hit". It would be nice to "see" Alaska through your writings 'kuma enya?'.

Yeah, its Italy's Disney World. Almost 4 hours away from our place. Husband and I preffered to rent a cabin and stay in the mountains but I guess the little once won't have fun. We hope to do it next year.

Ciao Insan Dyanis,

So true about the thought of doing the bed for you and its really 'mangipakawa' when you get back to the real world hehehe...

Regards to your dearest and kids. Give our warm Happy Fafa's Day to your Lakay!

Take care!

Ciao MegaMom,

His Papa was quite guilty at the end. He should have not let him have the ride. But, who woudn't if you see that full blast excitement on Lukie's face - so eager to get in.

We had a blast, specially the hotel comfort for me. Their croissant was really good and their buffet was abundant and yummy. We got more of our money's worth.


my hubby and i are still thinking on whether the kids are ready for such big amusement park visits, esp kung sino ang sasama sa kanila sa mga big rides, hehehe. love the pictures!


Ciao Raq,


Ako nga kunwari bantayan ko Dylan, yun pala takot sa rides, yikes hehehe...

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