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Remember my MAMA'S "CAMO TOPS"? It thrived and fed my soul hehehe... The original plan was to make a "diary" for my dear Camote. (Not my 'butoys'(lost translation hehehe...CALVES) that someone once referred to as, "the wrath of the Igorot tribe").

Will someone remind me of sticking to my topic...Okey Camote, I planted 10 shoots last spring but because it was always raining, it died. Its good I left some stems on the mother Camote just to make sure that I'll have seedlings if my first attempt will not "survive".

I planted the remaining shoots last June with the petunias that just grew from a pot I left out last winter. These Petunias wildly sprig every year for me since I planted it four years ago. They just sprout when summer is near and all I have to do is transfer them when they've grown about 2 inches high.

Our neighbor, Manong George told me that the Camote is ready and asked why aren't we taking the leaves. He said we should do so because it will allow more shoots to grow. I told him I didn't know and immediately do what he "advised".

I didnt expect I could "harvest"(hehehe) half a bag while Manong George asked for the stems and took home to plant.

My once abandoned Camote - now in its "glory" with tomatoes, lemon juice and 'bagoong'(fish sauce). Sarap talaga pag fresh!



wow,lucky camote tops atleast it was being blog and looks delicious before it went to,(how can i say?)a place of no return...
Next time i'll try to ask for some roots for me to plant or it's easy to ask for some leaves na lang for us to eat,hehehe.


Ciao Sister, return...
We were supose to go to your place last night and give you some of the the insalada. But, Lukie didn't want to go home late for his calcio kaya we went to CRAI instead.

Give me two weeks and I'll give you leaves na lang, baka sa winter mo pa matitikman if you'll plant it now.


Awww... nakakagutom! Its been a long time since I had some of those camote leaves. Makapaghanap nga this weekend... hehehehe


Ciao Izma,

Buti nga dyan e, you can always go and find one in the market.

Bouna petito na lang and ingatz lagi!


Didn't know there was such a term as mother kamote. Looks yummy, probably goes better with fried fish.


Ciao Russel,

Meron kasing mother potato e so I pressumed ther's mother camote too hehehe. They're cousins so I'm safe.

Yeah with fish sabay magkamay ka. Nagkakamay pa kumain mga Kapampangans?


syempre nag kakamay mga kapampangan. Hindi nga sila marunong gumamit ng spoon and fork. Yun pinsan ko pag gagamit ng spoon gagamitin yun thumb pantulak ng pagkain sa spoon, itataas pa yun paa tapos yun isang kamay naka standbye sa table parang cobra. Yun ang pangtuka ng ulam pag malapit nang maubos. Yikes haba ng storya sorry.


Alam mo bang favorite ko yang Camote tops( my former coworkers from ABATAN HOSP can attest to that lol)!! 3 years ago, I bought a bundle of fresh camote tops from a Filipino store in San Diego and It survived the 5 hour drive to Arizona because I carefully placed them inside my cooler! I've never handled vegetables that special till then LOL!!!Anyways 'cuz...tulo laway ako sa pics hak hak hak.


wow, looks appetizing.. where did you get the 'mother' camote? kangkong lang nakikita ko sa asian store dito e.. and most of the time, halos walang dahon :(

Tina of MyGoodFinds

Hi Lovelyn,
I enjoyed looking at your photos. Your Dylan has grown so much as your camote.
Your camote tops cooked made be salivate.
Thanks for inspiring me plant camote, we now also have a pot of camote. I will soon harvest them too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ciao Russel,

Hehehe...may fork na nga, he still uses his thumb. Ay yung pinsan mo pala akala ko ikaw joke-joke.

You saw that corn at the beach? That's not a Pinay mother camote. That's Italian mother corn hahaha...

Ciao Ms Buguias,

That's the use, for tulo laway hahaha... 5 hours saved from heat, precious nga talaga ah. Insan, got me curious if your co-workers have some funny story behind it hehehe...

I remember Janice said your mom used to have them as house plants.

Ciao Analyse,

Got it from the supermarket. Its in season during autumn and early winter. Ala bumibili, halos mga Pinoy lang. Last year, I forgot I have Camote in the pantry, for bilo-bilo sana. Hayun tumobo kaya I soaked it na lang.

Iba pa kamu yung kankong na nabibili sa Asian Stores, ang titigas.

Ciao Tina,

Yeah, Dylan is growing fast.

Happy to hear you were able to produce also hehehe... You have to 'talbusan daw para mas dadami pa dahon'.

You too, Bouna Domenica!


The lotod "camote tops" looks yummy, Manang. But I never liked camote tops hehehe... I like tongsoy "water cress" better :)

Keep the good food coming :D


First and last time TruPink came to Baguio in 1974, she sure was shell-shocked to see my late mom feeding our pigs with camotes. Told her it's normal due to their abundance in our surroundings.
Camote tops and aramang/bagoong, I'm sure she can survive, not me.

Always great to see Dylan's updated photos. TBIII will also be 15mos in two weeks. Cheers!

bill bilig

looks yummy to me. and the tomatoes look the pinoy variety not the big american variety.

good tip from manong george. i didn't know that that's how you'll grow more shoots.


bawal dito sa ang bagoong sa bahay e :(


Ciao Layad,

Ay wen gayam enya, lutod.

I love water crest too. So with my dad. Dali tumubo sa canal dyay payew. Yum-yum... I'm working on future post about our water crest COUNTERPART here.

Ciao Trublue,

TruPink went to Baguio the year I was born. Cool!

Just like my husband, he may not see those camote and life's still good hehehe.

TBIII for sure is a lucky baby to have his lolo around. That's one of the great things my children are missing.

Ciao Bill,

YEah thanks to Manong George, di masarap pag natangkinan nen dyay bulong.

Oisst... you're back! So happy you are.

Ciao Raq,

Ay sayang. Pero okey lang ibig sabihin ala kang dugong Ilocano hehehe joke-joke.

WAla rin sa menu ng Igorot ang bagoong a. Nahawa rin lang kami sa mga kapatid sa baba hehehe...


oh yum! that looks so good! the photo does not help my cravings at all! i can't wait to grow camote tops -- by then i should've given birth already! send recipes! simple ones only, please ;P


Ciao Nikki,

Hehehe...never thought 'bagoong' is accepted in your kitchen. Means you still have your Baguio taste buds or Pinoy at that. That's nice to hear.

Been wanting to start a cooking blog and had created an account 2 months ago with Wordpress for it. But, I can't seem submit my first entry... well, for one, I don't write my recipes - I just do slice, cook, taste and serve. I'll try it though... by then, maybe your coming baby boy will be walking na hahaha...

Btw, you made me laugh about the "skipping the generation". Nahhh, that's not possible, you can do it! Just like my Lola said, "it takes the love for people you are cooking for to love cooking". I guess now with your lovely family, you did not "skip the generation", you're just starting in time.

Sorry for the long letter over a comment hehehe, just overwhelmed with your pregnancy cravings... its contagious:-)

Thanks and you take care!

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