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Teacher Julie's third question from GreenBucks asked, "What were your favorite books as a child, specifically in your elementary school years?"

I really didn't have any. I'd rather play than read. But, I remember this cooking book and a medical book my mom use to keep. We were not allowed to touch nor take it out from where it was hidden - my mom and dad's drawer for "important documents." Every time my parents would go to the city, I'll sneak and go read them.



Pepe and Pilar were the normal books during my elementary years, and other books which were all in English. Looking back, it was definitely good system. Fast forward during the early 80's, went to Lingayen, Pangasinan where my late brod was teaching for a surprise visit, peeped thru the door and listened. To my surprise, the dialect of instruction was in "pangasinan", which was in a way similar to the Ibaloi dialect. I admit, I was shocked and at the same time thought it was funny. Cheers!


Ciao TruBlue,

It must really be the system. During the 80's back in my elementary days, our older teachers speak straight English. Young practice teachers wouldn't even come close - If its not "Taglish", the grammar is poor.

We used to have a rule, all must speak in English when you're in the classroom. You'll be fined with "dyis"(ten cents) per word if you fail to do so. "Umay ka ditoy" is 30 cents. Then if the student complains, "Awan saur, aguray ka a" another 50 cents hehehe....

There's also a book of Jose Rizal as a young boy. I've seen it with my older cousins. When it was our turn, it was out of the curriculum. All English book back then except the Filipino subject. Wonder how it is now, I'll ask next time I'll phone home.


I think I remember reading Pepe and Pilar, a book I got from a relative. If my memory serves me right, there was Bantay or Tagpi, the dog :D

We also were asked to speak in English before, some of my classmates went overboard by declaring we should laugh like "what-what-what" instead of "hahaha". Hay, ano ba yan...

Thanks, Lovelyn :)

Its ok, you were not late.

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