Sunday, 22 June 2008


Lukie asked me to watch football tonight and tell him in the morning who won. Its a match between Italy and Spain. "Its my, Ale, Filipo and Lore's game", my son said before it started and pleaded to stay till its over. Since its a school day tomorrow, he has to sleep early and I only gave him 30 minutes extension from his usual bed time.

After a hundred times of telling him, "Lukie go wash and brush!"(a cue that his time lapsed), he went to clean up but made sure I'll finish watching the game. Then off to bed - I tucked him in.

MAMA: Lukie, 'ti voglio bene' (I love you very much) (then kissed him good night).

LUKIE: NON-ti voglio Mama (I don't love you Mama).

MAMA: Why?

LUKIE: You make me think of the "baddies".

MAMA: "Baddies" who?

LUKIE: Captain Hook... Now, I can't sleep.

MAMA: You know honey, if there are baddies... you can be scared but Mama will punch and kick them for you.

LUKIE: (smiling now) But, you have no Karate costume like Papa.

MAMA: Amore, Mama could be Supermama, Batmama and Spider mama for you honey. Sleep now, I'll stay with you till you're really-really asleep.

LUKIE: I love you Mama! 'Bouna note'(goodnight).

Ohhmygoshhh...What will Lukie think of me now when I will tell him tomorrow that his Italian football team lost? Its 4-2 in favor of Spain. Yikes! I'm the villain and its my fault why Italy didn't win... Help, I need my Super powers please!



Ha! ha! ha!, the best way is to pretend you're angry too, that Italy only lost coz the referees favored Espana. Assure him Italy will win next time they meet in the future. I only fear he is in the right frame of mind and look you straight in the eye and say, Mama! that's "bravo sierra"!, hehehe.......Cheers to him!


Ciao TruBlue,

Well, he took the lost like an adult hehehe - he said because he did not see Del Piero(his friend's favorite). I told him Del Piero played but he insists he didn't see him so it means he didn't play.

Btw, Spain beat Russia a while ago. I was Rooting for Russia. I prefer "dogs under" but my son was cheering and would always cheer for the SURE WINNERS.

Germany against Spain = Finals? Germans for me because there are a lot of German tourist here and most of them do have 2-4 children(unlike Italians who mostly would want only one or none at all). I know, it doesn't have something to do with football but that's how it is for an "inflicted" watcher like me hehehe...

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