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I never appreciated Pasta d' Soia(pancit)till last Wednesday. Its what I cooked for the buffet lunch at Lukie's school for their Kindergarten graduation. I was to bring ready made desserts but my husband told me to cook Riso Cantonese (friedrice) and Pancit. My indecisiveness was thinking that the Italians might not eat these Pinoy foods and the hassles of preparing such is not that easy.

My husband could attest to it that I did the 2 dishes in an hour. 1 kilo of the main ingredients which are rice and noodles made two trays each. I thought its best to take it to school freshly cooked so it won't spoil with the summer heat that had reached 37°C this week.

I did not reset my alarm clock and woke up late when I was suppose to do the cooking earlier. It was "ZOOM" here and there: boil rice, garlic, onions, pot, oil, carrot cubed, carrot strips, chicken, shrimps etc...etc... Husband's help in slicing the veggies were a BIG help or else we would be late for my son's graduation day.

The fried rice was quite saggy but the pancit was perfect and we got to Lukie's school 30 minutes early.

When we took the food inside the room "to join their kind" hehehe... The Italian Mom's, upon knowing that its 'pasta d' soia', gave us the WOW look and one mom can't help but took the fork and ate some of the pancit. It was suppose to be served outside for the picnic lunch.

The frenzy, speedy and panicky cooking paid off. My dish was devoured in seconds and one tray of pancit was missing probably hidden by the organizer mommy's or school staff. Or maybe, eaten inside the room by any of them before lunch. Really paid off when I went to the get us something to eat and saw an old man spooning the tiny pieces (about five strands of noodles)left on the aluminum tray. It was funny but elating to see him doing that.

I was asked for the recipe and was complimented by moms and teachers. Thinking out loud, "duhh, its just pancit, what's the fuss". I also want to hide from this one mom who asked me for the recipe twice and politely told her I will but not now.

So, this will stay in the family's story when someday we will talk about our first born's first graduation day. Its all about "long life".

Why long life? There's this joke by our pony-boy friend, Steve "Piltok", about a prisoner sentenced to death. He was asked what would he want for his last supper and requested, "Pancit!". They asked why of all the food on earth he asked for such. He answered, " 'tapno' long life!"...




I usually cooked pansit everytime theres an occasion.I know it's hard and need a lot of preparation but as our Ilocano boarder before have said,"for long life",specially pag my birthday,d nawawala ang pansit.
congrats and goodluck to lukie and more pansit treat.

Jane 101

Congratulations to Lukie for finishing one stage of schooling - and to you Lovelyn - for doing such a great job beating the clock :)

I got your "message" - I'm still around - trying to figure out how to start with my "comeback post" hehehe. You'll hear more from me soon.

Anyway, great camote salad you did there! Got hit by the "wrath of Igorots" hahahaha

See you around!



I loooveee pansit. I especially prefer the mixed variety, bihon-sotanghon; miki-bihon; canton-bihon; etc...

Congratulations SuperMom, and to Lukie on his graduation!


Wow, togas for kinder grads, that was cool and nice pictures too!

I don't get the joke about "long life" for eating pancit, hehe...

Cheers to Lukie and the grads!


naku, i dont really know how to cook pansit! congrats to you. but you know what there is another hit 'the tomato and mango salad' mas simple lang sya tapos no cooking pa, hehehe. good for the grill buffet!


Ciao Matsay,

Thanks sis. Yeah cheers to Steve. Remember him?

Ciao Jane,

Its good to read from you again. We missed you!

Thanks and be looking forward with your comeback post.

Ciao Izma,

Sinabi mo, mas masarap ang mix-mix. Miki bihon, what I did.

Di you know I love eating it with hot rice? Weird hehehe...

Ciao Trublue,

Hehehe...the prisoner still has big hopes with what the pancit can do...or,or...just say, sense of humor makes dying sweeter above dumbness hehehe...

Ciao Raq,

HEhehe...di ka marunong? Swerte mo naman. Walang mangkukulit sayo na magluto ka ng pansit.

Naglaway ako sa mango and tomatoes mo!


Ay wrong Izma... CANTOON- BIHON pala!

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