Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Last week's question from Teacher Julie of Greenbuck's:

Let’s try to be a little practical and wise and philosophical this week and answer this question:
What lies ahead for me (and my family) during these tough times? Do we know where we are heading?

Not only that "Global Warming" is affecting every part of the world. So is "Global Recession" and "Inflation Warming". Unless you belong to the richest people on earth, you will not join us in saying, "its the tough times".

I have an old post here: ON INFLATION AND RECESSION, talking about how we and our host country are affected with the recent situation.

That's how my head is thinking on how to answer this Weekly Question 5, talking about how difficult it is but my heart says:

"Tough what? You're still lucky!"...

...You don't have debts...

...You do not spend more than what the family earns...

...You have no car that can't start with out Petrol...

...You don't care if your cellphone has no "i"(iPhone)on it or your PC doesn't say "MacNotebook".

...You can eat more than 3 times a day while some people can't even have one...

... You're on the computer and blogging right now...

...Most of all, you have a healthy and happy family!"...

My heart was right and that's not denying facts. Its accepting to live the life of not wanting more, more and more . So, what lies ahead of me and my family? All the best, my WILL DECLARES and that is where we are heading!

Tina of My Good Finds.Org has a very good entry here: Economy and Life »... and we are ending this piece with her words, "think positive. It doesn’t do any good to think doom and gloom is upon us because it makes matters worse."



Generally, 3/4 of the billion population of this earth won't have "a stroll in the park", depending what park you're strolling. Gas won't go below two bucks a gallon, that's a certainty. Fluctuations of gas prices is merely a teaser.
For third world countries, hunger amongst the poor is imminent and it's deplorable most of those affected will be children.
It's quite difficult to predict what's ahead so here's wishing you all to have a "good home economics" in the coming months.
Be an Optimist.
By the way, an Optimist is that person who tells others to cheer up when things are going his way.
Goodhealth to all and bottoms up!


Ciao TruBlue,

Thanks for the better perspective regarding this topic. I hope to review, learn and apply my "good home economics."

Teacher Julie asked me in her site to invite you to join us because she's been enjoying your comments(just like yours truly). Another fan hehehe...

Wishing to be an optimist if I'm guilty of not being such.


Good for you that you are able to spend just right. Well, we do too but lately we really budget our money tightly since my clients are a bit unpredictable, so many absences which means lost income for me too.

Alam mo naman, what they pay come from their own pockets, not from health insurance or any other source of payments. Sigh.

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