Friday, 11 July 2008


My Dad turned 64 today. I phoned him this morning and he told me we shouldn't have bothered giving him a celebration. I asked him how old he is though in my mind I knew he is 56. He said the numbers and I never thought those years flew.

He mentioned that the gasoline back home is 56 pesos and a cavan of rice is 2,000 pesos already. When we left the Philippines, gas was around 7 pesos and rice was 1,000 pesos for the best kind. He added, "I worry for the young ones. At least for me, I'm waiting for my years to leave this world. Life is getting harder, what will happen to the younger generation?". I held the line and thought of what he said. I later agreed because I can't find the answer.

Dad in 'Barong' with my Pa' in law before my sister's wedding at home

Daddy mentioned once before about pictures being the hard evidence of aging. After talking with him, he gave the phone to my sister Sharon. She was laughing as she was relating about my Auntie Mary's(his older sister)birthday gift.

When Dad was opening it, he guessed it was a picture frame and hoping high its with his photo when he was "baro"(a lad). To his dismay, it was his picture after a meeting when he was the Barangay Captain years ago. He was wearing Barong Tagalog and he shook his head while examining his gift. "Am I wearing jeans?" he asked my sisters and they chorused, "Yes you are!". Dad still in doubt, "No, that's not possible, I'm not that ignorant(emphasizing the word). Jeans don't go with 'Barong'. Then my Uncle Eddie(my father's oldest brother) came and confirmed its jeans hehehe...

Dad and Boogs: New Year's Eve waiting for 2006

My most memorable among all my Daddy's birthday was when I was 12 years old. My late Uncle Francis (one of my dad's adopted brother) came to join us. After dinner, my other uncle, Roger, came. A little bit drunk and he didn't know its my father's birthday. He was angry about my father increasing the worker's pay for a day's labor in our farm. There were exchanges of heated words and my father keeps on repeating that he only gave an extra pay because they came to harvest vegetables even if there's a typhoon.

My uncle couldn't be appeased and starting to talk about when they were kids which obviously "sibling rivalry" refreshed after so many years of turning into adults. But when my Dad said, "Ngantoy itan Roger? Bertdeyk pay niman ket"(Why is that Roger? Its even my birthday). My uncle's face changed - like water had just been splashed, so fresh as I picture him, cried and hugged my Dad saying he is sorry he didn't know. They were in tears and Uncle Francis joined them for a "group hug". After months, Uncle Francis died and again, short months passed, Uncle Roger met his end too on a car accident.

To you Daddy Danny, more years to come and always hang in there. You said getting old makes you of no use but that's not damn true! Knowing we have you there, there's always looking forward to going back home. You deserve every year of celebration for giving us your children the best years of your life. Happy birthday Dad and there's no day that we aren't missing you!



Happy b-day indeed to your dad! He still look good so as RD. All this time when I look at your dad, he really reminds of an older friend from Tublay, Nover V., the hair and looks, hehe....
Internet where I'm at is horrendous, very slow phone line connection and dollar a minute!

Cheers to all and goodhealth always to all and the bday boy!


yap, Happy birthday Dad!I called him yesterday and he told me you've just called.
Hey i think what i've heard, 56 a liter and 1 sock of rice is about 2000.
Hope to visit them soon!


Ciao TruBlue,

Saw TBIII's pix at Bill's. what a cutie!

Yeah the hair, I know how he flaunts those with pomade after hehehe. He used to dye his white hairs, now he gave up because its uncontrollable hahaha...

I'm guessing you're in that trip you once mentioned here...enjoy the get away if you are. OMGosh... A dollar per minute, that spoils the fun - we'd rather see you when you get back to your own PC.

Ciao Sis,

Thanks for the correction, I must have heard it bad hehehe...grabe enya, pano na ngay sila dun?

Yeah, crossing my fingers for a miracle... lotto might show it's mercy hehehe...

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