Thursday, 17 July 2008


Its been more than a week now since Ingrid Betancourt was freed from his kidnappers in Colombia after held captive for 6 years. I've been waiting for someone to upload the video made by CNN: Colombia in Betancourt's heart at YouTube where she talked about her comfortable life in France before setting foot into politics. I guess no one will and the waiting can't wait any more. So, I'm posting this entry when all the elation on how she was freed is mellowing down.


Former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt was captured on 23 February 2002 by the left-wing Farc (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)... On 2 July 2008, Ms Betancourt was finally freed from her jungle prison along with 14 other hostages in a daring rescue by Colombian forces.

Speculations on the real story behind her release may be true or not, that a ransom amount was paid... some politicians made negotiations... the rescue operation was staged etc, etc. All these conjectures, I don't care at all! I am just happy for a mother who is reunited with her children.


From this next video, you could see the fury in Ingrid's eyes the flame of fighting the system. In anger she pleads but was captured anyway by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

I admired her more on this video. Her weak but human side. Its okey to bare down defences and admit we need help and let our wounds heal first before we continue the fight. That's not giving up, its bravery.

I personally went emotional and took Ingrid's story as standing for one's choice. She had chosen to stand up and fight for what she believed and her family paid the price. Suddenly hugging young adults out of her children when she left them with little hands. She chose to be considered dead while she's still alive. God knows what else happened with her in that jungle.


Just as we choose to have the comfort of our home and family while others choose to save the world... help the sick and do all the nobility for the good of mankind. Sometimes I wish to be numb and be ignorant with what's happening around us. These makes me think and question my many choices in life. But, to have decided being the mom to my Lukie and Dylan - its the BEST CHOICE I've ever made!


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