Thursday, 10 July 2008


You're at the right page! Its one of those 'girly thingy' we enjoy - "fickleness considered as a graceful excuse". A new template, new header and additional widgets.

Thanks to BILL From The Boondocks for linking us to when I've mentioned on one of my entries that I want 3 columns for this site. I am not good with computer "acrobats" because I'm lousy in following instructions. But with, their Installing the template in your blog is easy to do.

After trying more or less 10 designs, I settled with Blogger Template: PurpleRush. For the Background image, we also give credit to GRSites.

I uploaded flowers for the header at first but my husband said its 'pangit'(ugly). Then the one I have now, he said, "that's better!"..... Yeah, he is married to me, I'm convinced hehehe...

Another credit due for FEEDJIT and Google Translate Mini-Flags Widget to the added 'blings'.



nice make over!
I like your new header(and your my sis,another 10% of yours,hehe)


Great job on your blog makeover, Lovelyn! I love it. It's clean. It's easy on the eyes. It's lovely(n). :D


Lovelyn, I like what you said about being a computer-acrobatics-challenged. I sympathize but at least in your case, you are learning.

I just returned to blogosphere. When I wanted to post a new entry, I discovered that the page (or whatever it is called) is using German so I could not understand the instructions. What did I do? I got someone who knows computers to come over to my house to fix my problem. Goodness gracious! All he had to do was go to rectangular space and write the word English. Don't I sound hopeless? We were LOL afterwards. Thankfully, I was able to post a new entry. Please visit. Regards.


Ciao Sis,

Family is family hehehe...grazie!
Nakatawg ka? Don't forget the birthday tomorrow!

Ciao Hannah,

Its Lovelyn ok-okring someone said it here hehehe... thanks for "leaving a mark"... makeover does that hehehe!

HAve you tried the RSS Fed of this one? "Ping" me if it works.

Ciao Ma'am Chyt,

So happy to have you back, just got from your site and so sorry to hear why you were in blog hiatus. I guess that's what I'm having right now if this body /muscle pains won't subside tomorrow.

Hehehe that's really funny, just type English 'pala' and the Germans will go


Nice brows

reyna elena

maganda sya ateng!


Hahaha. I like how you put it- type English and the Germans will go. I hope we can banish the many Koreans in the Philippines that way.


Ciao Russel,

:roll eyes:... For real? hehehe...

Ciao Renz,

I fee-feel ko yan hahaha!
Pasyal akoo maya sa "pugad" mo.

Ciao Ma'am Chyt,

Hehehe din't know you're not in favor with the Koreans around.

My husband's Lola said that during the World War II, its the Korean soldiers, under the Japanese Troops, were the sadist ones.


"nice brows",hahaha,i was suppose to write that.Speaking of,tried to ask you many times but i always forget,"e shape mo mine"hehehe


For a non-blogger like me, no matter "make-over" you create always looks good to me. Still out of my home base, one more day.

Cheers as always.


Ciao Trublue,

Thanks! Its the content that counts 'met ketdi a' hehehe which I feel like I'm losing lately.

Have a safe trip back to the base!

bill bilig

oops, didn't scroll down the page before i wrote my comment in your entry above.

love the nice clean look. andali sa ourblogtemplates ano? whoever is managing that is an angel


Ciao Bill,

Madali nga pero I'm having problem with my spacing sa bawat paragraph.

Thanks again.

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