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Gerson is our new neighbor who just came from the Philippines along with her mom and older brother. Their Dad had been working on their papers and at long last they're here. He is of Lukie's age but twice the size of my son - in built and around 7 inches taller. I thought he'd be Lukie's "bouncer" when his dad came to introduce them. Gerson and Lukie will go to the same school this September.

One of my talks with Lukie:

Mama: Honey, always play with Gerson so that you'll teach him how to speak Italian.

Lukie: 'Non voglio'!(I don't like). I can't understand what he is saying.

Mama: That's why play with him so that you will learn 'Tagalog' while you teach him Italian. 'Povero lui'(poor him), he has to learn something before he goes to school.

Lukie: But, I have my own friends!

Last Wednesday, we dropped by their house and asked her mom if we can take Gerson with us for a swim. It was funny how my eldest and his new friend played in the pool. It was like a movie with only laughter and giggles for the audio. They've been jumping in the water, splashing and racing for the beach ball.

We took Gerson home and I told him he could come after lunch and play video games with Lukie. After 30 minutes, just in time for us to have 'pranzo'(lunch), he came and I asked him to eat with us. He said he already did and I told him that was quick. He answered, "E mabilis po ako e!" (I'm fast).

This little boy talks like an adult. He also thinks as one. Once her mom asked me an "adult" question, he understood and was laughing. Me, taken aback by the question said, "Oh my... Gerson knows that?"

I miss my Filipino tongue and our new little neighbor is a big help with his 'Batangas' diction. I like how he adds 'po' and 'opo' all the time.

Gerson: Tita, bakit po Italiano ang salita NYAN(he calls Lukie that when speaking to me)? (Aunt, why does he speak Italian).

Me: Kasi dito sya ipinanganak at yun ang salita nila sa school. Pati na rin mga kalaro nya. (Because he was born here and its what they speak at school. So with his playmates, its what they use).

Gerson: (Looking at our food) Kami kanin. Pasta lang po ba kinakain NYAN? (Us, rice. Does he eat only pasta?).

Me: Hindi naman, kanin din pero madalas pasta. (Not really, rice too but most of the time - pasta).

Gerson: (looking at my 'insalata'(vegie salad)) Parang McDo yan a!(Looks like McDonalds).

Me: Hahahaha....

Gerson: E bakit po marunong ding uminglis YAN? (Why does he speak Enslish too?).

Me: Kasi yun salita namin sa kanya.(Because we talk to him with it).

Gerson: Aba'y nong ininglis ko po e naintindihan naman. (When I spoke in English, he understood).

Me: Bakit, anong sinabi mo? (Why, what did you tell him?).

Gerson: WAIT! Aba'y hinintay po ako! (He waited for me)

For the remaining afternoon while they play car racing with the PlayStation, Gerson keeps on saying WAIT. But, Lukie who wants to win, doesn't seem to understand the word anymore.


reyna elena

HAHAHAHA! that was a sweet conversation right there! hehehe! alam mo ba?

i have 2 1st cousins in italy. yong isa was assigned from San Antonio Texas to Italy. Mga 5 years na sila there and the kids, o my god natututlala ako pag nag-iitalyano na hahaha, but all of them are still fluent in english kasi lahat pinanganak dito, parang bang ang sarap pakinggan

i have another 1st cousin who migrated to Italy and then nawalan kami nang communication and i heard na andyan pa sila. i know malaki ang italy pero kung sakaling me makita kang gwapong bikolano although i guess mashonda na sya ngayon, tiga Bikol, maffy pangalan hehehe


Kids at that age will grasp the Italian language in no time. The great part, if they could, is if they can retain their native dialect. My experience is most will not be able to speak but will still understand what's being said in tagalog or their own dialect when they become adults.
Not sure if you can get Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in Italy, as it would accelerate your kids' learning process in English.
Cheers and goodhealth.


Aw, that was nice! I hope Gerson and Lukie become good friends :)

I guess you were delighted speaking Tagalog with Gerson :D


Ciao Reynz,

Konti lang kami dito sa Venice compared sa ibang places like Milano and Rome. I'll try to ask around about your cousin kasi halos 2 or 3 family's lang ang taga Bicol dito.

Ciao TruBlue,

I've read somewhere that kids could retain 6 languages provided you use one - straight to finish one sentence. Mixing it up like, "get the 'pamalo' inside", will confuse them.

One of the reasons why my kids were late talkers because we use 5 in the house. Boogie and I speak Tagalog and Ilocano. With my sisters when they come or in the phone, we use Kalanguya. Then with my little boys English and Italian.

If you have "cable", National Geo, Fox, BBC etc... would be in English when you set the menu/mode into English.

Ciao Layad,

Yes its fun taking to Gerson. Makapakigtot lang ta he is only six y/o and knows things I don't want my kids to know yet.

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