Sunday, 20 July 2008


Our late birthday greetings to Teacher Julie of GreenBucks and his son Julian!!!

Since its their special day, this week talks about
Birthday Celebration .


How would you like to spend your special day, your birthday?

Nothing beats a simple or grand celebration with the whole family back home in the Philippines. Every body's busy preparing their own dish. Thanks to a bigger cooking place and an extended dirty kitchen which I really miss when I'm moving in my small kitchen. My Daddy's 'pinaupong manok'. My sister Jehan's pancit. My sister Irish's Shanghai Lumpia and her sweet and sour or grilled Tilapia. My brother in-laws' 'pinikpikan' for soup. And of course, for the kids, Tender Juicy Hotdogs by Purefoods which I really-really love in sticks with marshmallows.

When there's money and we decided to butcher a pig, where a part of it we cook it the Igorot way producing a tasty 'wat-wat' and soup that will give you a "delightful taste sensation"(from Sponge Bob). Some portions for 'tinuno' I marinated and dinakdakan prepared again by Dad.

The desserts too are equally important. Fruit salad by Irish again and Buko Pandan I make sure is better than what they have at Greenwich. And oh, the chocolate cake made by Cramberry(or Cranberry, I forgot) Bake Shop in La Trinidad is really good which was paid at a very reasonable price.

Best part would be the jamming with my family, cousins and friends. Then my kids enjoying the company of "many children" running around. Once Conrad Marsan, a Baguio folk singer, joined us the last time Lukie had his birthday there and its like Le Fondue(Baguio Bar, not sure of the spelling) was brought to Tublay(my home town).

Day dreaming again, I I miss home!



am daydreaming with you! ako din mas gusto ko mag celebrate sa pinas ng berdey kesa dito, boring, hohum esp since walang music, hahaha


Sus ginoo! Ginutom naman ako sa handa nyo :D

I haven't tried a pinikpikan yet. ANd so true about the jamming, the karaoke singing. Just not too loud especially on a week night or a Sunday night, haha!

Thanks for playing, WQ9 has been emailed :)

Have a great week!


good golly I gained 5 lbs reading that list of food.


Know when my b-day is, but honestly, didn't matter if TP prepares something, or my kids call. The problem is my wife will always cook something for me and invite guests to my surprise. I'm not into celebrations although Baguio is a different story, it's my b-day everyday, haha.....
Cheers to all!


Ciao Raq,

Hehehe sa atin e kahit konti pa o kulang pagkain enjoy parin.

Ciao Julie,

Day dreaming na nga e di lubos-lubusin na hahaha!

Try 'pinikpikan' if you have the chance. Ill wait for that blog entry hehehe...

Got the WQ9. Thanks!

Cioa Russel,

I actually gained 11 lbs the last time we went home. Eat while it lasts and you still can garud!

Ciao Trublue,

Maybe that's a women's thing. Same as TP, I do that too hahaha...

Baguio must be very happy for an every birthday haha!

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