Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Not that Irish's debut is "not blog-gable" but I thought its not appropriate for me to be showing such luxury when the economy crisis is affecting every part of the globe. But if I were her parents(Ate Josie and Kuya Rodney), I'll do the same. Celebrate and proud with what a lovely lady their little girl had become - no matter how much it costs.

I was a bit emotional during her party. I remember her as a little girl who usually tags along with his dad as she holds her two little sisters' hands. Then came the other "kids" or them who used to be kids and danced with her, I was shocked to how much they've grown.

Like these cousins of Irish, the twin brothers - Marvin and Marwin, who were just like Lukie when we first came here. Each arrived with their own girlfriends and I thought, time flew and knocked me off. I still can't believe they're young adults now. They used to be running around as children playing football when there are occasions to gather the Pinoys in Venice.

I'll brace myself for this next batch, around Lukie's age, soon they'll have that "dance". When that time comes....gosshhh, my eyes will be puffed and I'll look ugly from crying my heart out.

All the best for you Irish, enjoy the wonders of your youth!



Pretty girl. Hayayay girls. I dont know. You have 2 boys. I can't imagine when these 2 grow up. I told one of them to be a nun and she said "okaaay" Yikes!!! The wife took away the hair and my girls would turn whatevers left white. my god ayaw ko isipin!!!


Ciao Russel,

Hehehe... don't worry too much, you still have 10 years. Nakakalagas daw ng buhok yan hahaha. But, yeah your girls are pretty - I take it back, start worrying!

What happened to BCO? We can't get access to it, pati ba dyan?


Nice party for the debutante.

Don't recall my daughter nor my nieces doing these here and abroad.
Believe it's more of a lowlander affair than someone with roots in the hinterlands.

Saan samet ag-debut ti lalaki, apay babae lang, hehe...



Ciao TruBlue,

Didn't realize I did not put "e" on the title hehehe. It would have referred to a different person with out it.

Never attended one in Baguio too. Only here. Its actually our first time to do so and had been ignoring the passed 'debus'. Its just that Boogs decided to extend his hobby(photography), 'baka pwedeng pagkakitaan', isupay adi'.

They said boys do but at 21. Hmmnnn does that mean they are 3 years behind maturity?hehehe...could be, could be :-)


yea what happened to BCO. Good thing It shut down. Their probably renovating the main page. Its about time. Charliemontemayor and Tina getting on my nerves among other people. Sumisilip ka rin pala maskina wala kayong post. Most boring post daw kayong dalwa sabi ni chimpanzee. Anyhoo im trying to get that place out of my system but its hard. I got rid of friendster and I only have multiply now. ayayay reality is kickin me in the face. Might go back to NY and leave this place forever. hehehe


Ciao Russel,

Yeah, I 've read about the chimp's choices ek-ek. I'd rather be the most boring forumer than to be a kizz azz hehehe... or the monkey's
cheer leader(lol).

Still no BCO, pictures waiting to be posted here. Hey, Boogs got a flash and a box of cokin filters from e-bay. You wouldn't believe how he got them for a really bargain price.

If you'll go to NY, don't forget to take the kids and the wife hehehe... as always na lagi ko kinukulit no?

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