Friday, 1 August 2008


August for Italy is vacation time. If you have business transactions or working on papers that needed to pass on certain government offices, don't do it this month. You will end up "boiling" more than the summer heat.

Roads for get away destinations such as the beach and the mountains are in heavy traffic as shown on TV last night. Out of the country travels too are at it's peak during this time for the Italians. "To avoid the tourists, be a tourist", was said by the crabby lady next to me in the boat this morning on my way to Lido. She keeps on complaining and she said can't wait to leave Venice. I left her and my seat too as I can't concentrate on what I'm reading.

Here's an article: AT THE START OF EXODUS IN AUGUST to tell us more.

Boun Ferie d'Agosto every one! Stay safe.




oh, same here. frenchguy and louna took the car at 4am this morning to avoid traffic jam.. and ill be taking the train this afternoon coz my doctor discouraged me to take the car.. but ill have a stop in paris to change trains, hope there's not a lot of people... wishful thinking lang..

and hey, i loved the redentore pictures!!! galing!


wow thats some traffic!!! Drove by naguilian road this evening and it was bad traffic. Then by the grotto we saw a cop. "Kaya pala traffic may pulis" which is true because people can manage better without their presence around. Enjoy the summer because its raining constantly here and our clothes dry in a week. You know those black insects that stick to your clothes if their been hanging for a week...and that smell!! hehe parang hindi nalabhan.


Ciao Analyse,

Be visiting your site later after this. Maybe you're back na. Was kinda worried for you to be travelling alone. Hope the trip went well.

Thanks, the husband took those photos.

Ciao Russel,

Remember those days when its hard to dry clothes, the back of the fridge had been our life saver then. Specially for our uniforms and stockings (lol).

My sister said there's typhoon over there. Kahit ba lakas ulan or bagyo may police na nagtatratrafic? Wow didicated sa work hehehe...

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