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Teacher Julie wrote:

"I decided to make WQ a little different today. I have posted a photo in my blog and I want to know your thoughts about it.

Here is a part of my post as a way of explaining the photo:

I once chanced upon this little girl walking in front of the house one late summer day. She was wearing an undershirt and an underwear plus a pair of pink flip flops. I immediately took two photos of her and this was one of them (the other photo she was standing up so I didn’t choose to upload because I thought it was a little indecent for a little girl)"

Tina of MyGoodFinds
has a point when she said, "Since I have not walked the shoes of the parents of this little girl, it’s hard for me to judge. I don’t know if the parents have fallen in hard times and not be able afford decent clothes for their girl but they still shouldn’t let her go outside like that..." on her comment.

For me, the photo reflects how population explosion affects the Philippines. With 88.57 million Filipinos as of 2007 tallied by the NSO, expect some children to be neglected and wander places in such clothing.

"Family planning is responsible parenthood"
says it all for me to make this post short. Sir Juan Flavier had been right since I first heard it from him 15 years ago.



Population really is one key factor why this country is having a hard time getting on its e. Too many people with scarce resources. We can easily say that it is a person's choice to be responsible parents but still, for those who are not that responsible, that is another story.

Thanks for playing again, ading, and you have given me an idea about the WQ for this Sunday. I am still thinking about what I will ask.

Have a great weekend! :)


While those kinds of pics are the norm in most Third World Countries nowadays, we are still saddened by it. Factor in all types of corruption especially in our country, the have-nots are left to rot. Lakay Juan's adage is only true to those who are wallowing in extreme poverty.
Back to the picture, it's really nothing compared to the 1994 Pulitzer Prize Photo that shocked the world, picture of a child dying of hunger while a vulture awaits. Freelance Photographer Kevin Carter, who took the picture committed suicide three months later. I, and other millions were left guessing up to this day as to his actions/inactions. My own over-riding surmise, he was so guilt-ridden for leaving the child and devoured by the bird of prey.
It's for this sole reason I never, never take pics of that nature which depicts the ill effects of poverty. Cheers to all.


Ciao Julie,

Got the WQ11. Thanks for the link.
Hope to do it soon.

Ciao Trublue,

I'll link you to this video, copy and paste it to google then search:

I watched it at my sister's site and it somehow stopped me from writing. Here I am blogging how wonder life is when some people get that low just to feed themselves. Its very depressing.

Kevin Carter's story is another depressing one. You might be right, it was his guilt that drove him to end his life. According to his interview with The New York Times, He drove the bird away and the kid made it to the feeding site. Read it somewhere too that after the interview, he stayed under a tree and cried hard while he smoke his cigarette.

Off topic: If its not much to ask, (favor hehehe), may you educate us about the ongoing US Presidential Election. Who's your bet and why? I'm rooting for Sen Obama and my husband is for VP McCain. Can't wait to read your opinion regarding this. Thanks.

Tina of MyGoodFinds

Hi Lovelyn,
Thanks for quoting me here. Have been lax on my hog-hopping ;) so I didn't see it earlier.

Alot of problems arise(malnutrition, child prostitution, unemployment due to lack of education, crimes due to unemployment, etc) when people just keep on having kids without thinking of how to provide them the basic needs. It doesn't help that the Catholic church's stand is on natural family planning. There's also the "bahala na" attitude which doesn't help. While is good to have faith "God will provide" ... we also have to remember that God helps those who help themselves.

It's a vicious cycle and resources are running low. Maybe it's a good idea to make a law that can allow how many kids based on income. It may sound cold and dictatorial but it just only makes sense to have children that parents can afford to raise.

Over here, there are people who just rely on welfare and they are the ones who have 5 kids + . Laziness is almost encouraged if that's the case because they get the housing assistance and food assistance while the working middle class families are the ones who are bled for taxes.

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