Friday, 22 August 2008


Bees And Ducks was my entry a year ago for remembering my Mama Normie's day. She should have been 54 now and would love to hear this song -Seasons Of The Heart. My mother is a fan of John Denver and loves to sing Perhaps Love.

When I turned 33 last year, I realized my Mama passed away at the same age. Right there and then, I decided to write more about my kids. I've also started composing them letters which are stored in our PC. Here's my very first 2 paragraphs:

My dear Lukie and Dylan,

Here's another of Mamas story for you to read when I will be no longer here to tell it to you. I lost my Mom at an early age and there's no day that I don't miss her. Im always wondering what were her thoughts, beliefs and what she feels on and about everything. I want to hear from her how she got angry or laughed with all the clutter I did when I was a toddler like you two.

Someday, I don't want you to feel the same - to be left out with questions and wishing I am still around to answer them.

I don't mean to sound morbid here, Ill fight to see you grow. Its just that, I didn't know my mom would leave us that soon too......

Going back to my Mom's birthday, I can't remember us celebrating her day but its so clear to me how she makes mine a "grand" one. Her hair set with curlers while she cooks, arranging flowers she bought and later dressing me up for the party..... Just among the many "happy childhood" she gave during the few years of her stay.



Cheers to your late Mom for being the mother she was to you all. And for your Dad, it's difficult to fathom how he managed to raise such a big family. Not really sure what I would have done, jumped off some cliffs maybe, not the high ones, hehe...
Have a good day and cheers.


Thanks for posting this song,so that's the title!I keep on singing the lyrics to be able to remember it but i just can't.A very memorable song during that campaign,the only song we keep on singing,hehe(i think your very inlove at that time,hehe)

I do remember one moment when mama was running after you(road going to Babatan) with a stick and when she was not able to catch you ket she laughed at herself.I thought she was 37 when she passed away?
Happy Birthday Ma!


Caio TruBlue,

Grazie! Cheers to them really!

Hehehe not the high one... Maybe it had helped us being all girls. Comparing it with my younger brothers, when Dad will scold us(girls) before, we just cry and sulk. While for the boys, they answer back and would do things that would raise my Dad's blood pressure.

Ciao Matsay,

Hehehe, "andi lay adum, sya a kanayun e kanta yu nem", Dad would say.

Only found the title last night after going over all JD's songs at YouTube.

I don't think so, that would make her 61 now. I think with Dad, they had 10 years age gap.

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