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Many thanks to Teacher Julie of GreenBucks for linking us for last week's question HERE.

The WQ#11 was inspired by the answer of Lovelyn to WQ#10 regarding the Little Girl and I want to know your opinion on this very important and controversial topic of Family Planning Issues and the ballooning population of the country:

Should people heed the call of the Catholic Church to not use artificial means of contraception/reproductive health products and services OR should they go ahead, talk to their doctors and plan for how they want to practice family planning?

I'm two weeks behind my postings with Julie's Weekly Questions and almost everyone wrote their piece which boiled down to "couples should do what is comfortable with them". If I also did my counting right, everyone agreed to birth control and population growing out of hand MUST be addressed to by the church, the people and the government regardless of methods used EXCEPT abortion.

I won't answer this question with statistics or what must be done. I will not focus on the stand of the Catholic Church, my religion, though I totally disagree with them about contraceptives. I think God had a keen mind as well as reasoning when he gave us free will. Hence, when the church says go forth and multiply, it doesn't mean we should readily comply. Our Creator is smarter to demand us that!

I will not also point my finger to the government or even suggest that the boat sinks when its fully loaded and exceeding it's capacity - That's how I see the Philippines right now in many aspects I don't want to elaborate. As they say, "its hard to know what you already know when you choose not to know it". Priests aren't dumb neither the President nor our politicians. They know what's the problem but REASONS, what ever they have, is their right... no matter how irrational it is!

I'd rather tell you that I came from a family of 8 girls and 3 boys. Obviously my father wasn't listening when he was lectured about family planning. Just to make a comparison, his brother who has 3 children had been long done in worrying for the next tuition fee while my Dad will still see his 2 youngest to graduate elementary, one is in college and 2 more boys yet to finish high school.

You see, its as simple as bigger family = bigger spending, lesser kids = less expenditure. And, to consider today's cost of living allowance, who doesn't want to have an early retirement from financial responsibilities as he sips his pineapple juice lying on a sunbed while watching the sunset at Boracay?



I agree with all the points you raised.

Maybe the RC clergy should do a reality-check and see what is really happening beyond the walls of their secured places.

Aren't we stewards of God? Then we may not be doing a good job if we have too many children but are unable to properly care for them .

Thanks for doing this WQ #11.

The WQ13 has been emailed already. Have a great weekend with your family :)


Ireland, Spain, and Italy are examples of predominantly RC's yet their clergies are not probing why each family have only one or two kid/s. The presence of hypocrisy is clearly within the Vatican as to the use of contraceptives is concerned.

Most of us know those living well below the poverty line in our country are the culprits but access to full-awareness, training, and education is almost non-existent.

We religiously love to say "it's all God's plan"! Really, to have 10kids and 8 will die of hunger or illness. This is where the Atheists and Agnostics make a valid criticism to question the catholic doctrine. Very sore facts of life. Cheers!


Ciao Julie,

Oh, they(RC clergy)knows it or knew it ever since but they stick to what they "traditionally preach".

I got the your recent email,

Ciao TruBlue,

As always, good and right answers. Thanks for filling in the right words.

Sad if not horrifying, abortion is legal here. My former employer suggested it when I was pregnant with Dylan and offered help to arrange it for me. She made it easier for me to quit my job. By the way she's an RC, filthy rich with a BIG empty house.

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