Friday, 8 August 2008


Sometimes I envy those people whose only problem is how to wash their dishes... or how to cook the chicken - 'adobo or tinola'?

Sometimes I wish I couldn't read - no TV, no news, no computer and be ignorant about the poverty crisis in the Philippines and the graft and corruption that is worsening it. I also desire NOT TO KNOW about the hunger in Africa, the recent incest case that rocked Germany, mourning widows and orphans of the war in Iraq, children missing, abused and killed, injustice etc... etc...

It also hurts so much to know that there are sick people who're just waiting for their time to die because they can't afford to buy their life.

Sometimes I simply wish I'll stop thinking that much.

But, you know what? When I hug my boys, they bring me back to hope. They resurrect me from drowning into the maladies of the society. The need to be strong to show them that the world is still beautiful may be a struggle but I owe it to them and their "budding life". And, this is not because of my duty as a parent... its for the love of life itself.

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