Thursday, 21 August 2008


The 12th Weekly Question from Teacher Julie's GreenBucks :
If you were an Olympian, what sport would you be participating?

Volleyball. It had been my event since my Elementary days. My first time to be away from home was when I joined the girl's team. For the District Meet, we have to camp at Tublay Central Elementary School (almost an hour away from our place) for 4 days.

I can't remember if my family said they missed me but for sure I missed all of them. I can't sleep and was thinking, I'll change, be good and won't fight with my sisters when I get back home. That was only true for half a day. Then during the Provincial Meet at La Trinidad Benguet, my second time to be away from my family for a week, I was more into anticipating what's the food for the next meal tham missing every one hehehe...

Out of the topic: Since we're into sports, I just want to share this from Bill's blog: Franklin Kawaen is Karate World Champ . Click also on the links at the end of the article for more Igorot achievers of combative sports. I'm so proud of these 'Kailyans', their achievements is calling our government's attention on what sports we should support. Quoting my husband, "its good our Igorot champions didn't play basketball"!

Here's what's "buzzing" Italy lately when we speak of the "olympics".

BTW, Federica Pellegrini took home the 'oro' (gold) for the 200 meters (women) event the next day.



Volleyball? Wow, the only time I played that was in first year HS, I subbed for a classmate during intrams.

I served well but I can't make a what do you call that, hitting the ball (?) with my arms. So there, that was the end of my volleyball career :D

I'm used to spending time away from my family, starting at grade 6 I would spend weekends 2with my maternal grandparents, more than 1 hour away from us and I traveled alone by bus.

Thank you for answering the WQ, Lovelyn, :)


Marathon. I wish the IOC add the Ironman to the Olympics, it would be more better. Love endurance competions, it's the ultimate. Having said that, I wasn't born to be one, can't even go beyond seven miles.
My hope though, is for "someone" in the cordilleras to emerge one day and win the darn thing to salvage me from my miseries, hehe....Cheers to all!


Hey, parehas ta Manang! Volleyball is MY sport as well :D I still play it here, thank God.

Too bad about Laure Manaudou... Tsk, tsk, tsk... She didn't get her victory.


Ciao Julie,

Yep, Volleyball. Maybe you mean the passing, the setting or simply stopping? While watching the Olympics(volleyball), many new rules. Totally different from our time.

Must be fun staying with your grannies.


Ciao TruBlue,

One of my blog links, Analyse, married to his "French Guy", just started Ironman Triathlon lately. Whew that's a lot of endurance. Swimming 2.4 mile alone is "impossible" for me hehehe...

Might take you forever for you to be "salvaged" hehehe...

Ciao Layad,

Soap Opera ano, love triangle in the water hehehe...

Lucky for you to be playing it till now. Counting the last time I played a match, 13 years ago pa ata.

Bill Bilig

Hey, thanks for the link :-) I would be playing tennis if I were an Olympian. Wow. That would be heaven. But the reality is I'm not even a capable tennis player hehe.


Cioao Bill,

You're welcome!

Tennis... hope to learn and play that too. Maybe when Dylan turns 3.

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