Saturday, 16 August 2008


If last weeks "blog drought" was because of minor depression, this week would point the "blame" on birthdays. I wonder what would it be for next week?

I don't know if its also true with other 'Kababayans nga taga' abroad that Pinoys are fond of celebrations. Even for First Communion, a party is held. 'Ci sempre festa' (there's always a party) would irritate SOME old, bitter and racist Italian neighbors when Pinoys start to get the festivity going (lol).

For me, nothing wrong with parties except for the "diet ruined". Hu, hu, hu... the 6.6 lbs I lost from not eating rice for a month and a half came back just for the 4 birthdays we graced this week. I can't resist all these Filipino foods specially when it was prepared by others and I am just there to eat hehehe....

'Nakakahiya' if you'll not go when they'll personally ring you. Then they'll call you again making sure you are near their door. I always tell my self, "Okey, for my kids". Its one of the least I can do to show them "Filipinism"... through birthdays hehehe...

First it was Dan-Dan's birthday. He used to baby sit Lukie when I was still working and my... he would make a great father someday. My son is very good in judging characters and very selective on whom to trust. When Lukie is sleepy, bored and scared, he holds my and Boogie's neck. Well, our eldest will hold Dan-Dan's neck when we're all in the same room.

Next day was Tita Fe's turn. She jokingly said her age stopped at 47 ten years ago. Do the math, how old is she now? Her older 'apos', Feona, Lance and Gelo didn't join her blow the cake. Only Yahra, Eisha and Francine did.

The next day was Jerome's 13th big day. He is Gerson's brother. I have no picture of him. I don't know if he has a 'friendster' account. its where I got Tita Fe's and Dan-Dan's photos.

Little James had his Christianing yesterday and because it was raining, we did not go. Her mom Billy is where most of us Filipinos in Venice send our remittance. She works for BPI and Equittable Bank.

And, today was Murielle's(at the middle, an old photo with Dylan and Lukie), 6th candle blowing. She is Boogie's 'inaanak'(goddaughter). Seems all Filipinos came out. Some I saw when Lukie was just a baby. "Ayyy, yan na ang pangalawa mo?"(your second? - reffering to our babies), was our line after years of meeting again.



A month without rice!? It should be a world record, hehe...

For the benefit of your readers and anyone who cares; a lady friend who had breast cancer in her fifties (after radiation and chemo), she ate nothing but Quaker Oats 99% for 6 six months. She is now in her 70's.

I'm trying to lose just 7 lbs and been trying to figure out the best way to do it, hehe....Cheers.


Ciao TruBlue,

Hahaha, I can not do it with out the husband joining me(about the rice). We're both into it and no one is cooking rice but lately were back with it. Funny cause I was shocked when I paid the sack of rice we ordered(25 kls). The last time we bought, about 3 months ago, it was 17 euros. Now, its 24 euros, grabe!

Good for your friend to have survived cancer.

Like what you've said before, exercise and proper diet if you want to shed off weight. No rice just veggies, fruit and lean meat works for us. But, its really hard to maintain specially when there are a lot of occasions.

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