Saturday, 9 August 2008


Every summer, 'nostro commune' (our community) Cavallino - Treporti, is "wide awake" at night. We have the Carnival, video arcade and concerts, dance and children's (magic) show at the 'piazza'(square). We also have the inflated bouncers and slides near the mini golf which is Lukie's choice when he is to decide where will we go.

Its not ideal but these recreations or amusements send my little boys to bed as late as midnight. I let them enjoy it, that's only for 3 months anyway. For winter and succeeding months, our place would be like a ghost town so why spoil the fun.

Lukie asked me onetime:

Lukie: "Mama, when will we go to the balloon-balloon?". (Its how he calls the inflated bouncers and slides).

Mama: When Papa's flash will come. ( A brand new flash he bought from eBay).

Lukie: What's a flash? Flash like the MTV FLASH (or the MTV NEWS)?

Mama: No! You know that thing that lights up when you take pictures.... blah,blah, blah...

Lukie: How about to the mini golf?

Mama: When you really-really know how to swim already.

Lukie: Oh, that would be MTV SPLASH!



So what are the kids' activities for the nine months the "carnival is out"? Maybe skiing or ice-skating, hehe....

Can't even blog, how much more for buying things in EBay? Can't do it.
My son though is so good in buying/selling on that site.

Became a member of YouTube a month ago, password and everything, yet my comments are not going thru so I quit!

Nice pics as usual. Cheers!


Ciao TruBlue,

Basically nothing outdoor during winter. Venice doesn't have an ice skating rink. Skiing, you have to go to the mountains and the gears are too expensive.

Thought Ebay was a scam so been ignoring it at first. But, when Boogs workmate is making so much profit from the site, Boogs joined in and we're liking it so far.

Why is it that your comment on Youtube can't get through? Must be your "cookie". That's been my problem too before.

Tina of MyGoodFinds

Beautiful pictures! The flash is great! I have been drooling over a $400 flash(brand new) I might also look for it on Ebay. It's great for indoors and night.

Night outs with the kids sounds like alot of fun. :)


That balloon, balloon looks like a lot of fun. There is a place here in Manila where one can rent the place for a party :)


Oh my, the balloon-balloon looks huge! :D I can understand why Lukie likes it.


Never understood what a "cookie" is, hehe...

EBay I think is a great place to buy/sell things, however, one gets booted out if they have two or more complaints, or serious ones.

My son buys/sells "tiny live corals" thru EBay, it's his passion. How he got into it beats me. Cheers!


Ciao Tina,

Nakatipid the husband for the flash. Its even brand new. Its good for night shots. No more "spirit like" doubling the image hehehe...

Night out, really fun and the best part would be, they sleep instantly when we get home and Dylan will wake up for his "dede" in the morning na.

Ciao Julie,

Its a great palce for kid's birthday parties. They'll love and enjoy it.

Ciao Layad,

When I take Dylan on the jumper, I like to forget I'm the mama. I want to jump higher than the kids hehehe...

Ciao TruBlue,

Cookie is something on the PC. I still don't know what it is until now. It was just fixed by the husband(who else hehehe).

Live corals, rare interest huh? I've seen a hobbyist of those once. He sold them all now because he said its too expensive to maintain. Besides he works for the military and I think live corals are prohibited now in Pinas to take them out of their habitat.

@eBay, yeah, that's what I heard. Crooks will be band. But, there are still some who gets away with it. just like the lens that husband is eyeing. The original price was 8,000 dollars and the winning bid was 250 only. Wayyy too impossible to believe. Boogs asked the seller some questions and he didn't answer till it was sold. Then the next day the seller emailed and selling it for a lesser price than the bid. When Boogs was about to pay, the seller didn't answer back for his mailing account. Magulo kaya hwag na for that crook.

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