Tuesday, 26 August 2008


We are on our last week of our "summer spree". School will start soon and back to our normal "routines". The Beach On Fire last Saturday reminded us that night outings, swimming and dinners at the terrace are almost over. I didn't take pictures of the longest fireworks display this year, the camera will be in danger(lol) with sand + tripod + Dylan/Lukie - Boogie hehehe.... Good thing someone uploaded it at YouTube, credits to daStefan89 for the video. The last part's the best!

I was glad my kids were pissing off each other and still wide awake at 10 PM last Saturday. I wasn't suppose to take them out and skip watching the fireworks this year because it was windy and roaring thunders are like bowling balls up there after each lightnings. The rain didn't pour so I let my two boys wear their jackets and we head off to the beach. We got there 30 minutes early and lucky to have found two empty sunbeds.

As we were lying down the sunbed with the sky so black and the magical colors of the fireworks cracked, it were like amazing stars falling just of our reach. That when our eyes are closed, still the lovely hues linger even sleep will conquer us so...

Wheeeww, did you just read that? Sounds corny but Lukie agrees with me while his hands are tucked under his nape, lying down legs crossed. Awed on every "POOOMM" while he says, "grande!"(great/big), "che bello"(beautiful/how nice) and "forte"(strong).

For Dylan? He was with headphones and scared while he is embracing me tightly. He only relaxed when he turned his back and watched the fireworks of Union Lido, a kilometer far from us.



we've had our own fireworks and torch swimming in our local beach last month, too. great display, no?

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