Friday, 29 August 2008


Thick skin. Does that come with having decided to be a parent? I mean, doing things you couldn't possibly imagine you are capable of for your kids. If you still can't do this, I guess parenting didn't "hit" you yet.

Things like, your kid badly needs to pee and its impossible for him to hold it till you get to the comfort room. You tell your child to do wee-wee next to the tree and you don't care if passersby are despisingly looking at you.

When you're in a Supermarket, there's no comfort room and your son needs to go. Then you asked the sales girl or the lady in the cashier if they could help and good thing they're kind to give you the key to their private lavatory.

When you're in a quiet bank waiting for your turn to be served and your two boys are throwing tantrums because they're sleepy or hungry.

In a restaurant when your toddler walks here and there stopping at stranger's table for a 1 year old "mumbling" chat.

When you breast feed your baby in public.

When you're in a long line and you ask everyone to let you go first before your child will go into an undesirable mood.

Etc.. etc...


Last Sunday we went to watch the
AIR SHOW at Jesolo and the place was packed except for a part which is obviously for the VIPs. There were 2 entrances to this enclosed spot where benches were also put up. It was heavily guarded so as the boarders between the "commoners" - sitting, lying down and standing on the sand and the VIPs comfortably waiting for the show.

I want my kids to see the spectacular clearly so I went to ask the guard how we can get in. If we need to pay or what? He said only those with invitations and I asked him where I can get that. Duh... I knew invites were sent days before the event or even months but still I asked. S----d isn't it? No, the guard is not dumb to let us in hehehe...

I still didn't give up. I carried Dylan and left his carriage somewhere, took Lukie's hand and we walked into the the crowd to be able to get in-front. Saying 'scusa'(excuse me) and 'permesso'(may we pass) helped and I just brushed off the shame of stepping on towels or walking pass through sunbathers while they irritatingly looking at us. Alas! We got a nice and clear view on the "front line".

Then I called my husband who is somewhere taking pictures of the air crafts leaving me with our boys. I told him where we're seated. More on just to let him know, I'm proud to grab a nice spot for the three of us on my own hehehe...

Well, it turns out Lukie and Dylan were more interested on playing with the sand than looking at those flying machines. I keep on telling them, "LOOK-LOOK!"... Dylan quickly looks and back to his 'sabia'(sand) while Lukie answered my "LOOK-LOOK" with "I KNOW!" and not looking at all.


Tina of MyGoodFinds

LOL! I think it's better with boys because they can just whip it out unlike girls who need to squat. I really can imagine having 2 toddlers at the same time. Lukie is out of toddlerhood ;) ah!
Always bring "baon" so that the hungry tantrums can be avoided.

I enjoyed all the lovely pictures! You look like you lost some weight. I'm scared of posting my pictures now! I have been indulging, hehehe.
Happy Weekend!


Using your kids to get in front of lines or crowds. Tsk tsk.

That works in Beneco, if the guard sees you carrying a baby he will let you in front of everyone. The kids are fat and cant pass as cute babies anymore so back to the line we go.


Hola Lovelyn. That's one challenge I'd love to be "hit" with... I wont mind really. hehe

I've been married for 3 years now but still praying for a litte angel. I hope someday I'll have the same pleasant parenting woes as you have. :)


Hehehe... I do the 'no shame' bit for my young cousins (and I'm not even a mother yet har har...), but it's not as embarrassing in Pinas though :D


Ciao Tina,

Hahaha..."they can just whip it out" is more funny. An advantage LOL!

Lukie's 6 and easier to handle now except when he makes his little brother cry(most of the time) - that is "play" for him.

Lost ponds went to nothing. Gained it back after attending so many birthdays. Just today, we had 2 and skipped the 3rd one.

Ciao Russel,

Tsk,tsk indeed!hahaha

Yeah, I remember that Beneco thing. The last time you told me, G takes the short cut, I mean the guard lets her pass. Time for a new baby for you then hehehe lol...

Ciao Izma,

It took us 5 years of trying before we had Lukie. When we accepted we can't conceive anymore, I got pregnant.

It was a blessing in a way to have a baby after those years. Gave us more time to enjoy our TWOgetherness before kids consumes most of our time.

Hope and pray for your wish to have your bundles of joy. In HIS time ading ko!

Ciao Layad,

True, it would be different if we're in Pinas. "Plants and trees" wouldn't mind hehehe.

Practice makes perfect hehehe. You'll be a good mom when you'll have your own.


haha, europe is really kid friendly ano? we're in the right place. and yes, why do kids need to go in such places? i've been in most toilets in unusual places, like the meat shop, the pharmacy, the bakery, etc


lol, all those efforts for nothing. but what can you expect? kids are kids, right?


Ciao Raq,

Hehehe, mas malala pa pala yung meat shop Kengs! At least MC and IC are passed their toddler stage. Easier to manage and di na nakakawalang poise habulin hahaha...

Ciao Analyse,

Indeed! Kids are kids. Come to think of it, their joys are simple. Its only us who're making things complicated("sometimes"). We take them to best places we think they'll enjoy when a sand box is all what they need.

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