Friday, 29 August 2008


Our second entry for Photo(s) of the week: Taken last August 24 at the Jesolo Air Extreme. We were not able to take the finale because Dylan was kicking sand to the young ladies sun bathing and watching next to us.



we've watched the same show months ago but unfortunately, once the spectacle started, i ran out of battery already, swerte hehe..

hey, got a question but cant find an email here so i hope you dont mind if i post it here: the train station venezia mestre and venezia santa lucia, are they in venise center or in the same island? i need infos kasi, im organizing something.. when i went there, i was on a bus with other students kasi so wala akong pakialam sa directions, lol.. thanks in advance for your reply..


Ciao Analyse,

Running out of battery heheh... for us we usually forget the memory card for the cam (lol)...

Sta. Lucia would be the last stop and that's in Venice already, almost center if you're referring to St. Mark's Square - it would be just a boat away.

While as Mestre is the stop before Sta Lucia and definitely a bit far from Venice, you'll need to take the bus or a taxi then boat before you can reach the 'centro'.

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