Saturday, 16 August 2008


Saw this on Blogger's new dashboard and tried it yesterday:

Google Gadgets in your Layouts blog can now set their height automatically (if the gadget author supports it). Read more about adding Google Gadgets to your blog.

Notice the side bars and the new "gadgets". USELESS KNOWLEDGE had been making me click back and forth to refresh my home page. I love reading them. I find it entertaining(lol). Here are some I had cut and pasted after 7 clicks. Really cool!

1. It would pay to be prudent in the vicinity of the honeybee as it flits from flower to flower not only because of its painful sting, but because each year the honeybee kills more people worldwide than venomous snakes.

2. During the Renaissance, blondes definitely had more fun. Blond hair for women became so much de rigueur in Venice that a brunette was not to be seen except among the working classes. Venetian women spent hours dyeing and burnishing their hair until they achieved the harsh metallic glitter that was considered a necessity.

3. It takes an average of 18 hummingbirds to weigh in at 1 ounce.

4. The first graves in Arlington National Cemetery were dug by James Parks, a former Arlington Estate slave. Buried in Section 15, James Parks is the only person buried in Arlington National Cemetery who was also born on the property.

5. Before she was cast as the sultry Uhura on the 1960s Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols performed as a singer with Duke Ellington.

6. Captain Kangaroo, starring Bob Keeshan, was the first TV network kids’ show in the United States. CBS launched it in 1954.

7. During World War II, in May 1942, U.S. ice cream manufacturers were restricted by law to produce only 20 different flavors of ice cream. But to this date, no explanation for the law has ever been offered.

These Gadgets means more sponsors for Google. Hayyy. much money foy them who have much money already... its okey, its educational even if they tagged it as Useless Knowledge, at least 'man lang' there's something learned even just by clicking this site hehehe...


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