Saturday, 2 August 2008


"Yeah right, every body's at the beach!" my husband said when we got to the mall today. We were there before lunch and cars covering the parking lot look like ants in columns. There were also many cars waiting for that "miracle space". That's the advantage of riding the bus, its never a problem where to park.

I told him this morning that we'd better go and buy Lukie's things for school before every one gets back from their vacation. He said the mall would probably be full. I confidently disagree and told him they've all gone to the beach.

On September, Lukie goes to Prima Elementare (Grade 1). The real spending for his education starts. For his Day Care everything was free. Pens, papers, colors etc... were provided. So with his three years Prep/Kinder except for the lunch ticket which is 3.10 euros everyday.

As advised by one of the mothers - backpack, 'grembiole'(apron that looks like a long polo shirt), coloring pens/pencil and crayons should be bought first. Other stuff would be later because the list of things needed will be given on the first day of school.

Lukie decided to have the DragonBallZ trolley/backpack over the Ferrari I was insisting him to have. The prior was the first one we saw. About twenty DragonBallZ trollies/back packs on a platform which costs 44.95 euros each. The cheaper backpacks were hanged behind including the stunning red Ferrari bag I like which is only 22 euros.

Boogie came while I was comparing the prices of the two bags to my son. He tried bribing him with a PlayStation game(DVD) if he chooses the Ferrari. We even told Lukie, we'll buy a DVD of any cartoon film he wants. Arrgghhh, DragonBallZ won!

On our way home, I told my husband what I suddenly saw in my mind. During Lukie's passed Kinder years, all the kids at school had colorful bags with their favorite animation show. It was only my son who had a plain blue EastPack. I then understood why Lukie wanted this bag.

For my husband, he still can't let go of the Ferrari one. Tomorrow he'll remind Lukie again of what he did not choose while they watch the FORMULA 1 ING MAGYAR NAGYDIJ 2008 (Budapest).

Oh well, for a while there, we forgot what Lukie wanted. He is still a child and sees things as a child. He would like to have what every other child would like to have. I hope we always remind ourselves with this.



do you know how much is a school bag here in germany? we bought one for MC -- 175 euro and that was not yet the most expensive! but at least she would be using this for the whole year that she's in grade school, i hope! good luck to us, moms with first graders!

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