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Thank you very much to TruBlue for writing this post for us. Cheers and hope for more favors/writings to come! ;-)

Flattered you chose me who doesn't follow politics but my simple ordinary view is that it will come down to the Electoral College of the more than 10 swing states. These states are in a way neutral and will have a say as to who becomes president, so rigorous campaigning is essential to these key areas.

There are 538 Electoral Votes and 270+ is required regardless if you lost in the general popular votes. McCain will surely win the South and some midwester states while Obama takes the Pacific NW, NorthEast and Hawaii. Well, that's the norm.

If RACE is not an issue, Obama can win despite the current dirt diggings. McCain obviously is the white candidate and will dominate their votes but if the Asians, Hispanics, and Blacks are truly a voting Bloc, Obama can also win and it's so repugnant listening to pundits say "America is not ready for a black president"! I ask, when is the right time?? Heck, a Japanese ruled the country of PERU at one time.

Varieties of domestic issues especially the economy, and foreign policies, the war in Iraq are key issues to articulate and sell to swing voters. Don't anger also those ever sniping rights groups with liberal/conservative opinions as it's quite dangerous.
Obama's patriotism is under a radar for one reason oranother but hey, Bill Clinton was a Draft dodger; Bush 43 eluded the military and was a National Guardsman, Reagan was an actor, and VP Dick Cheney, who at one point addressed graduating cadets of an elite Military School, avoided the Draft with his FIVE Deferments.

McCain is a well-decorated Navy Pilot and hot tempered. Both can lead the nation with or without being in the military, just sorround yourself with good old fashioned intellects in your cabinet while listening to LOGIC once elected.

During our return fligt from the Pacific NW last month, I sat next to this good looking lady and we talked the whole time while TP slept. Kept looking at her as she looked familiar and at one point during our chat, she said "I will vote for Obama" and sharply said "she hated the current administration". This woman looked like Kim Bassinger, just for your info, and she's from Oregon, a democratic state.

I only mentioned that brief encounter to illustrate how particular groups of people, a town, county, or a state are hardly swayed by any politician's rhetorics when it comes to their own idealogies and authentic political affiliation. The same underlying principles I just can'talter my friends from the Pacific NW to vote for Obama and likewise to my chums in Southern California to cast their votes for McCain. It's the nature of the Beast, that's why I hate Politics! But it will be interesting from here on and could be historical as well.



My uncle said Obama will win, but he will eventually get assasinated. This from a guy who never set foot in the states.

Im closed minded so I think McCain will win.


At one point I thought of that too, I mean him being assasinated.

Ok, that makes 2 now. You and Boogs for McCain.

bill bilig

Oops, I almost missed this. Thanks for sharing about this Trublue. You're lucky to have sat beside "Kim Basinger" hehe.

Lovelyn, include me among the Obama fans. Hope he wins :-)


Ciao Bill,

"HE WILL WIN ANY WAY!", That's how I answer when I'm out of facts to back up my Obamaness hehehe...

YEah, thanks to TruBlue again.

Kim or not Kim, we thank her for keeping TB's company when TP is more interested on sleep hehehe...


When I said McCain was a well-decorated Navy pilot, I never intended to rhapsodized him as a real hero as most rightwingers portray him. His 28 or so medals were earned "as a not good of a pilot" who crashed five aircrafts, five plus years as POW and even him confirmed to have collaborated with the Vietcong, and only 20 hours experience in combat. Yet, there were thousands of soldiers who had six , seven THOUSAND HOURS of combat but with only one or two medals to show for. Most people knows the answer to that.
Those Leftwingers should also restrain their rhetorics about the personal attacks on Sarah Palin and wait for the truth to come out especially the latest issues of covering up a supposed baby born to her daughter. Hospital doctors and nurses should be able to clear these mess out. Unless of course, Palin says the baby was born somewhere in the wilds of Denali National Park, hehe - wink! wink!

These are my luxuries as being in the Centah! TP is Ultra Liberal like "Kim" and I don't blame them.

So now, it's a tie 2 McC - 2 Obama.
I need "big bribes" to break the deadlock. Goodluck and Cheers!


Ciao TruBlue,

Hehehe, McCain's "decorations" must be heavy when his uniform's on. Wonder what he really feels when he sees 'em medals? Goosebumps, maybe hahaha!

There's nothing shocking about dirty politics anymore. Who makes a living from digging the skeletons out of the closet or worst, making up such "tabloid" crap. Palin's personal life being scrutinized is a cheap act.

I just don't get it why Palin gave in to be McC's VP. I thought she's more clever than that. She allowed 'em users.

I honestly like her to win. But IMHO, its intolerable to put family matters on public eye which she should have known when she accepted her candidacy and that's not PRO-FAMILY for me.

Poor Briton too, however they may glorify her pregnancy as PRO-LIFE, prejudices will still be ugly and surely hurts.

Also, I thought GOP camp are better thinkers to foresee how their choices/decisions will fall back on them. The way I perceive or maybe "imagining" things -bad 'karma' goes and comes around.

Aysus, I'm blogging on the comment page hahaha. I'm not even making sense anymore(lol).

Oh, you mean Kim at the other side? She won that debate with flying colors hahaha. The Princess must redeem herself hehehe. Ohhh phhlease don't tell me you're Jrajraaa! Naah. Seriously, you're obviously an angel compared to him, sorry to say(lol).

Bribers are on their way now :-)....

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