Friday, 8 August 2008


Okey, I'm just a SAHM and not even an American. My "political acrobats" would not even pass in deffirentiating a democrat from a republican. But, a future president who can move and dance that "hot" is a "change" itself hehehe...

I have to give credit first to REYNA ELENA for stalking Sen Obama here: Meet Senator Barack Obama, 47 years old. As usual, the laughters "she"(that's Reynz), draws out even if "she" talks seriously (to the highest degree) is contagoius.

Eversince Sen Obama was making a name for himself, I've always rooted for him to make it big mainly because he is black. So absurd as it may sound but I believe that the "challenge" of marking history as the first African - American President will always remind him to do what is right and that would also burden him to be a good one.

Here is a must read: The story of my life

...Whose story do you prefer?

It may not come as much of a surprise to hear that politicians are adept at telling stories. But in the modern political age, our leaders have increasingly relied on creating narratives around themselves and their ideas to communicate with us... continue reading


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