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WQ 14 - Facial Regimen: What are your facial or beauty regimens that you do before you go to sleep?

Nothing extra ordinary or no "voodoo rituals"(lol), I just wash my face with lukewarm water and Papaya soap. Any Papaya soap from the Philippines will do. Then Nivea Moisturizing Cream after.

Speaking of Nivea Cream, it had been a necessity for our home back in Tublay specially during the coldest months. That's why its never missed when a parcel is sent along with pasta and Nutella hehehe...

WQ15 - Blogging for Advocacy: If you are to start a new blog focusing mainly on a particular topic or niche, what would your niche blogging be all about?

A distinct blog with a single theme won't work for me, maybe. For one, I suck in sticking with the rules and lousy to even follow it. Just like this out of topic I am about to say.

As much as possible, blogging for me is something I own which I don't want to own me. I'd like it to stay as a space for me to laugh at myself. Where I could be shallow, silly and mad with no worries.

WQ16 -
Are You a Cry Baby? What makes you cry?

SI(Yes)! EVERYTHING! Its a curse hahaha...

Another OT: Lukie took his being serious all the time from his Papa. Mine are his tears that readily drop. When he started reading before he can even talk, he cries all the time after finishing the book:
Are You My Mother?(By P.D. Eastman) that his Lola Becka sent him for Christmas. So we stopped reading it. Also when he watches the Ugly Duckling, same, water flows from those eyes which would also make me cry. Btw, we do share tissue paper sometimes hahaha...


david santos

Ciao Lovelyn, come vĂ ? Spero tutto bene per te. Buon lavoro. Un abbraccio e un buon fine settimana.


Thanks for answering these questions, Lovelyn. I too am wondering why even your links do not show up in my dashboard.

I haven't tried papaya soap yet, maybe I will. I am trying to get hold of a kamias based soap but I still have to pull some strings to be able to do just that :D

Niche blogging is not for you, it is ok. I thought you are going to answer having a blog about Italy or maybe about your province in the North ::

Sus, we are the same pala, mababaw ang luha. Sometimes I don't like to watch Maalaala Mo Kaya because I know I would be crying.

I knew I could never be a [psychologist or a guidance counselor, I will be crying even before the patient will cry, hahaha...

Thanks for answering the WQ and I hope I could do something about your links. Sana.

Have a great week!


14 - TP uses so many cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers. Brands I remember were Obagi and Biodroga.
She went to Baden-Baden, Germany two years ago just to observe the use of Biodroga products.

16 - Some were born to cry. My younger sis, when my dad passed away, constantly cried all the way to the gravesite. Elbowed my younger brod and told him to push her down when the coffin was being lowered, in jest of course, hehe...

Just watched "Veronica Guerin" which starred Cate Blanchate and didn't cry but admit my eyes were moist. Men just don't cry but in time of great sorrows, I know some will eventually breakdown.

Cheers and goodhealth.


Ciao David,

Thanks for the visit!

Ciao Julie,

Kamias, kakamiss din yan. Naglaway tuloy ako hehehe...

Crying is a curse nga sabi ko, even a touching 60 seconds TV commercial, di lalampas.

Ciao TruBlue,

I think I have to use some products too. Can't stop aging so might as well slow down it.

You missed the 15th question. Got me curios what will you blog mostly if you have one.

I don't know if its still true about the statistics saying suicidal rate for men is higher than that of the women. They said "crying" has something to do with.


Purposely skipped #15 since I wasn't a blogger, however, my posts will center on advocating the truth. Regardless of one's belief, there's only one answer to almost any arguments, and PEOPLE should recognize that aspect.

And now, the Obama/McCain campaign is all about RACE and that never surprises me. It's not about the TRUTH but majority of whites are so devoid of fortitude to see a black man rule over them, which in reality, he is half white/black, but portrayed more to the extreme as Negro. Sickening.

Cheers and goodhealth.

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