Saturday, 27 September 2008


No more birds cooing and chirping as early as 4 A.M. Most of them(I spotted some are still here but are leaving soon)had gone somewhere, migrating to warmer places for this winter. But, these birds' noise are now replaced with the rooster's crowing at the backyard of our hotel neighbor. Along with 3 hens, they've been put there for three weeks now.

Fronting our house is the backyard of the said hotel with the green fence that separates us. My kids are in love with and being entertained by these chickens. I could leave Dylan there while I go help Lukie get down from his school bus. No, its not that far, I could see Dylan from our gate so its not that dangerous to leave him on his own.

Before Lukie goes to school or gets in our home, he never fails to remind these birds, "Chickens, lay some eggs... okay?"...

Reminds me the last time we went home to the Philippines. Lukie doesn't want to finish his food and I told him to stay in the corner. So he went and after some minutes, I checked on him. He wasn't there. Guess what? His Lolo Danny (my Dad) took him to see the chicken outside.

I told my Dad he should have left him there till the "punishment is lifted"(lol). Then my Dad said, "Oh leave him, he is not used with our food. Don't insist if he doesn't want to eat it!"... I held my tongue and didn't want to argue.

"Is he my father?" Thinking out loud. What I do remember, when we were kids and didn't like the food that was served, our choices were:

1. Cry. Leave the table and wait for the next meal or sleep with an empty stomach(specially during dinner).

2. Tough luck! Just eat it!

I just can't imagine how much my father and I will be disagreeing on things when it comes to disciplining my kids had we been living in the Philippines. I know I got most of the ideas from him. I might be left mouth open in disbelief all the time hearing, "Oh leave him..."



BTW, I drew the chicken with our PC's Studio 5(Zoom Browser EX). Nice ei? Its hard to control the mouse though.



Oh the sounds of chickens crowing...ahuu huu huu. yea thanks!! Nice drawring by the way.
Grandparents will always spoil their grand kids. My nephews get away with murder and my mom just says "its...ok leave them"

I found out a month ago how chicken layed eggs. They dont need a male to lay eggs. Its all in the sunlight. Look it up. or maybe you knew already


Ciao Russel,

Thanks! What I hate about the Zoom Browser(Canon) is it doesn't have tutorials. Just work it on your own.

Hey, I heard from Boogs you're there! Was suppose to email you about my sister's wedding. Sayang, it could have been a big discount hehehe...

Hehehe you're just jealous cause nephews got PSP or Nintendo DS from Lola and you didn't have. Seriously, I guess its their(grannies) way of making up with what they didn't do to us. Or, they miss us - as the babies. Another one, maybe its their job description as grand parents

Back to chicken, I didn't know the sun is really that "fertiled"(lol), I'll google it later.

Tina of MyGoodFinds

You have chickens crowing there? Cool! Luckie must be fascinated with the rooster just like Little K.

Your father now is the grandpa and it's his turn to spoil his grandkids.

I do hope you will visit them soon with Dylan.


reminds me,remember the first time we went home?Lukie was outside when he saw the chicken and said,"oww bird!",,then Aldane(Lukie's age)said,"wa bird kano,chicken met a".atleast when Dylan will visit in Pinas he knows what chicken is:)
About grandparents,i think it's true that they have different way of treating their Apos,more on spoiling them.
hey,why don't you ask your neighbor if they want to share one,hehehe.


Yeah, ur Dad is no longer the parent so his role has changed :) Now, he's in the protector and spoil-er role. My Lola would bribe my young cousins with sweets when they were whipped to make them stop crying :D


Ciao Tina,

Yes, luckily we have our neighbor's chicken. Bet you had the same experience when Lil K went home to Pinas and saw chickens there.

Thanks, We're hoping too to let our parents hug Dylan while he's still a hug-gable cute little baby.

Ciao Matsay,

Yeah, I totally forgot about that chicken thing with Eldane. Thanks for reminding. Should have included that on this post.

Wen garud, maybe Al CAson is that generous no?

Ciao Layad,

Exactly, change of role nga! Hehehe magaling ang lola - wise.

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