Thursday, 25 September 2008


I wrote here: FLORICOLTURA DA NATASCIA, that I would be posting pictures of the flowers I planted at home. Better late than never. Here are some of it with my favorite "models"(lol).

Newly planted:



You're one heck of a gardener, Lovelyn! My mom has a green thumb, the gene for which totally missed me. I can't even get a cactus to live for over a month. :P

Beautiful blooms!


Ciao Hannah,

Hehehe, poor cactus... that worst ei?

Must be, I had my training grounds...tending our Sayote back home hehehe...

Just like my cousin Susan. Wonders why plants keep on dying even though she waters them all the time. She's actually drowning it. At times, she just sees that plants are withering - to late too save. She forgot to water them.

Tina of MyGoodFinds

Wow! Your flowers are beautiful Lovelyn! Your models add a fun touch :) .

My geraniums were attacked by some bug and were only blooming nicely when it was getting cooler.


Oh, the cactus was not my only victim. (I wish it was!) I remember being responsible for the demise of two bonsai trees a few years back. Sigh... I'm probably one of those people who has to do extensive research on the care of whatever plant I plan to grow before actually owning it. Even then, who can tell if my research will do them any good? (Yes, I'm that clueless.) lol So far, though, I've been managing to keep roses alive and well in water for a week before they totally wilt and die. Hahah.

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