Saturday, 6 September 2008


La Biennale di Venezia was concluded last night. Philippines won the Orizzonti price for the movie MELANCHOLIA by Lav DIAZ.

Boogs posted his unsuccessful paparazi shots here Shooting Stars and I'm looking forward for the clear pictures of the "stars" on his blog with his article about it. Then I asked him for these photos:


goooooood girl

Good good good......


I have yet to see a filipino indie movie. Oh my all these movies nowadays are so corny. I think the movie title revolves around a theme song and its basically the same story only different overated actors. YIKES!!!


Ciao goo girl,

I don't know how to play poker.

Ciao Russel,

I honestly don't know what Fil-Indie movie is. The Phil. movie was said by the critics as a surprise movie. I don't know, we haven't watched it and wala pa nga kaming kilalang artista dun.


haha,Bred pitt a,Italians!!
How corny ds movie is?hope it's not like what they've shown the last time.


hmmm, that's good! got to check some critics on the net.. been a long time i havent watched a pinoy movie.. baka available sa you tube, mapanood nga, lol..


Ciao Matsay,

Hehehe, yeah I remember the last time we walked thru that red carpet(yun kasi ang daan e). I was even wearing a dress and high-hills tapos pregnant pa with Lukie. That was "Tuhog" and it was a really a bad movie.
Ciao Analyse,

The two movies had good reviews from the critics of the Venice Biennale . Tried YouTube too but didn't really browse around, just the thriller of the movie "Jay" directed by Francis Javier Pasion.

Hay naku, almost all of our local stars, ala na akong kilala.

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