Sunday, 21 September 2008


Teacher Julie of GreenBucks wrote Ugh as the title of her 17th Weekly Question. Here's why:

One day, a friend told me about her trip to a nearby province that is known for its culinary arts and expertise. She, together with her family visited a cousin who got married to a wife from that said province.

Filipinos are being known for their hospitality so we could just imagine how scrumptious the food served to them.

As this friend was well into her second serving of the very yummy and creamy lasagna, she happened to comment to her cousin’s wife (who cooked all their food) how the beef in the lasagna is so tender.

She got really surprised when her cousin’s wife relied that she did not use beef in the lasagna. She used pig brains. I would not say how my friend reacted so I am going to ask you this question:

If it were you in that situation, what would you do?

I will compliment the chef/cook! She's resourceful and creative. Who would ever think of putting pig's brain for lasagna? That's really something. Besides the story said Teacher Julie's friend asked for the ingredients when she went for her second take. Means the guest enjoyed the food regardless...

I do eat pig's brain. 'Ilocanos' use it for 'Dinak-dakan' and its better than mayonnaise. For us Igorots, I remember during our Canaos, they cook it the next day when the remaining part of the pig that will be feasted on would be the head. They just boil the brain, add a little bit of salt and I really like the different taste when added to rice. I tried feeding it to my son with soup and rice, he ate it considering he is really that picky or the only yummy food he knows are pasta(any sauce except the green ones), 'sinigang' and 'adobo'.



i've uttered a lot of 'ughs' already when i was in thailand for at least 4 years, i thought i'd take is easier when i settled in europe -- but nope, there are more 'ughs' -- yet if one would be open about those exotic things, they would sometimes turn out to be great!


I'm very picky so I would ask around "what is it?" if it looks suspicious to me. Besides, I only eat the obvious things.
Not really sure how to react if that ever happens to me. Knowing of course, you won't die from eating such, just the thought makes me cringed, hehe...



Ciao Raq,

Tumpak Kengs! If the food at Cathay Pacific Airlines e Thai foods, nakatikim na ako hahaha...

My cousin just came from a holiday dyan sa Germany e dami nya dalang hot-dog. Different kinds, masasarap, specially the white ones.

Ciao TruBlue,

Me too, I do ask before digging in. Mahirap na.

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