Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Sorry, this has nothing to do with Lightning McQueen! I just love watching this film with my kids and you know, with my "flight of ideas", it just snaps(lol)....

Our Internet connection had been crazy for 4 days now (It feels like a week for each day hehehe). Something was struck by a lightning after the storm we had last Saturday. 'Meno male che' (less hassle cause) our electricity gets back in seconds after shutting off.

Our kids were quite panicky for the thunders that were roaring loud and the lightnings that will jerk you up in fright. Poor Dylan, he clung to me as he cries every after occurrence.

It was chaotic last Monday because banks, the post office, and businesses generated by the net were paralyzed for Cavallino - Treporti(our 'commune'). My sister who went to pay some bills and to post her papers for her permit of stay was asked to come back if the Internet is fixed. Goes to show what a great damage if computers won't work now a days. Yikes! We're becoming dependent to it.



haha,i went back the day after and the teller smiled and said"finalmente".I answered her back,si perche si no,mi mandano a casa.But how come our internet is so slow?same ba as yours?


Ciao Matsay,

ok lang naman speed nya, pinmaspas et adi.

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