Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I told the police officer at the 'Questura' that we just retrieved our Permesso di Soggiorno (permit of stay)two months ago and now we're renewing it again. We applied June last 2007 and we got our documents after a year because they interchanged Dylan and Lukie's ID twice. Just me and the kids went in the office yesterday. Boogie had to leave us there for work because our supposed schedule of 10:15 went late to 12:00 noon.

Processing your Residence Permits in Italy: Permesso di Soggiorno(details " how to "- found on this link) is flinty and expensive here. 72 euros in all for: Bollettino postale(€27.50), stamp(€14.72)and Envelope forwarding, (€30.00).

Sometimes it also depends on the officer's mood. Even though you've produced all the papers needed, if he doesn't like your face -tough luck! It also takes a looong time for one's turn, so imagine "the waiting" when you have two little boys around.

It was a speedy "turn" for us, anyway! Thanks to Dylan who was trying to help the police officers rearrange the bulk of papers on their shelves. His noice too while walking from one office to another and him going up and down the chair trying to see what the police officer is clicking on his computer while asking me questions. He said I am 'brava', 'tutto'(everythings) okey and had me finger printed really quick.

In record time, we were out of there and was asked to come back FOUR months to get our renewed 'Permesso di Soggiorno'. FOUR months? How will that be if wonders of miracle will work for us and going home before the year ends will push through? Aghhh, I don't wan'na know.



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