Wednesday, 10 September 2008


We had our teacher-parent's meeting for the first graders today. School opening was moved to the 15th of September. Less than a week more and Lukie will have his first day at the 'scoula grande'(school for the big ones).

We were given a long list of things to buy such as a rim of coupon bond, notebooks and other school stuff. These will be left at school except for the rubber shoes for the PE class.

I was seated with Gerson's mom as I translate her what is being discussed. The teacher's stressed mainly on punctuality and said if parents will be late with out informing they won't be on time, even just for 10 minutes, the student will be handed to the police. The 'carabinieri'(police) will be in charge in taking the kid home.

One mother said in Italian, "Yeah that happened to Marra" and we all laughed as we look at Marra. Then she said, "Don't worry, my daughter was treated well and parents wouldn't be put to jail!".

When the meeting was almost over, the teacher asked who would volunteer to be our "mother leader" while we wait for the election of officers come October. The mom of Lukie's bestfriend, Ale, raised her hand quickly. The teacher said(in Italian), "Eeegh, its my first time to see a Mama accepting the job that quick" and we all laughed again.

On Monday next week, we'll have a merienda at the school ground before the kids will get in their classroom. Only for the Grade I pupils. The teachers said they want the first day for the kids as fun and more on getting to know each other and familiarizing them to the their new school.


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