Friday, 19 September 2008


Lukie had Mama all by himself on his first day at 'Prima Elementari' (grade 1) last Monday. Its good my sister Ica, who just came from Sicily, stayed with Dylan.

Before we left home and took 3 photos of my son on the doorstep, I checked my "gears"... Camera(heavy in my shoulder bag)... DV cam (added weight)... other stuff (like I need them!).

All 20 first graders with us - parents and some 'grannies' waited outside the gate for a tour around the school, a snack after and the welcome "ceremony" by the second graders to their "neophytes".

I thought I'm the only one exaggerating the "documentation" of this big day of school. Turns out that all parents were with their complete paraphernalia hahaha... Our kids were truly superstars(and bored) with our clicks. I thought it was funny, sweet and cute how we parents "over do" it. So, I pointed the DV cam to em' paparazzi parents.

Same as usual, I'm far from making things perfect... or maybe, luck can't seem to agree with me. Something always comes up! Perfection? Luck? Well, that's just putting stupidity in less degrading words hehehe.

Only the 3 shots I took at home, my camera was out of batteries so I just used the still shots of the DV cam. Picture weren't great. That's not all!!! I interchanged PAUSE from RECORD when I thought I was capturing memorable scenes(lol). I'll leave that for you to picture the moving video I took... It makes me dizzy watching it! Made me hate myself too (lol)!

It was for Boogs to watch because he was called to work when it was suppose to be his day off. Lord, why me?hehehe Lukie's first day of school or any events special for my family can't get enough of mama's "side stories"(READ:
Mama's Famous Gate) . Hayyy naku, I hope that would be the worst.

Naturally, husband was not at all pleased then I told him the next day when we went to buy Lukie's bus ticket, "Goshhh, what have I become! I was always the best in what I do and I can't even take ON and RECORD right." I didn't hear a reply...



hehe, wawa naman ang camera! dyowk!

it's either sobra ka lang nga excited for Lukie wenno agkabaw kan! hehe kiddin'

nice naman ang mga stillshots mo eh. "abak toy andi!:)" tsaka maigi na yung meron kesa walang-wala, di ba?


Wehehehe... That was so funny, Manang! Maybe in your free time, you can take some photography lessons. Abak mon to ni Manong a :D


Ciao Ganda,

Anu fi, poor camera hahaha. Pano naman, baliktad. When its recording it is red, when its pause, green. I've used it more than 5 times but only that time that I forgot about the red and gree. Nabak-ulak la numan!

Ciao Layad,

He ain't a good teacher ketdi a come to think of it. You should be influenced by the people around you di ba? Goes to show BI sya hahaha....

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